The Bowl system should die a slow and painful death

Not just the BCS, but the entire bowl system should just go away.  Before I explain why there is no justification for keeping the bowl games, let me just say that I love the bowl season.  It's fun and exciting and it put's teams together that wouldn't normally play each other.  So why should it die?

1:  Let's just look at one example from the Big 12.  Nebraska.  Assuming Nebraska does not beat Colorado (which they probably won't), they will have won exactly 6 games and just barely eligible for a bowl game.  Let's look at who they beat.  Maine, Wake Forest, Pitt, Iowa State, Baylor, and K-State.  Of those 6 wins, exactly 1 has a winning record.  Should Nebraksa be rewarded with a blow game (yes I meant to type blow) for beating 3 patsies, two soft conference opponents, and one semi-legitimate conference foe?  Combined opponents records in their wins: 31-33.  And that's including a +4 margin for ISU.

2A:  There are just too many bowl games.  28 to be exact.  Bowl games used to mean something.  Before the BCS the Cotton Bowl always had SWC/Big 12 #1 vs. SEC #1.  The game had impact when a #1 team in the nation played in it.  Now, it's merely a regional draw.  That was the same with every major bowl game out there.  Gator Bowl, Peach Bowl.  Be honest, how many games do you watch with interest?  I watch a few because I love football, but really don't care who wins.  The BCS has ruined the bowl season.  The only game(s) that I care about are the NC game and the UT game.  This year, I will only care about 1 bowl game.

2B:  This is kind of the same topic, but you get the point.  There are too many bowl games. bowl?  Poinsetta bowl?  Fort Worth bowl?  Who cares?  Other than the 2 teams that are there?  It's a reward for mediocrity.  It's fun for the students because they travel somewhere they don't normally get to go, but TCU played in the last Fort Worth Bowl.  Do you think they cared?  This happens too often.  Teams that are average get to go to bowl games close to home.  Don't the students want to go somewhere?  They should have played better.

3:  Money.  I realize that the major bowl games pay lots of money to the schools that go, but the minor bowls don't.  Some schools will actually lose money because the pay-out just isn't enough to cover expenses.  Between the hotel rooms, food (keep in mind they're often really big men), travel, and tickets, teams that go to smaller bowl games will be lucky to break even.

My opinion, there should be WAY less bowls.  And make the bowl games mean something.  Do away with the BCS and let them decide it on the field.  

Two of the biggest arguements against going to a playoff is going into the next semester and doing away with the bowl games.

Solution: Keep the major and minor bowl games and their tie-ins.  Minor bowl games are played first (possible bye weeks for schools with Conference championships).  Label them as the whatever bowl with a possibility to play in next weeks whatever bowl.  The sponsors will still line up to pay for advertising because they're sponsoring the game.  Second level bowl games should be a little bit larger.  Cotton, Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange, etc.  More people watch because the games lead to something larger.  They aren't just played for the fun of it.

Am I crazy?  Maybe.
Can it work?  Yes!

What's your take?

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