Perspective from a Texans/Longhorn Fan

Wow. I'm a little heart-broken right now. And still in shock.  Physically it feels almost like a punch to the gut.  Emotionally like I just got into a terrible fight with a family member and said things I can't take back.

The game was simply amazing. To see the crowds of people, almost entirely from Houston, declaring their allegiances... Unbelievable.

There were Titans fans, wearing 10 jerseys. There were thousands of Longhorn fans, entire families wearing burnt orange 10 jerseys. There were Madison HS fans decked out in baby blue with Go Madison Marlins signs. There were Oilers jerseys with Earl Campbell's number. There were even Aggies wearing maroon with the horns down.

It was a sellout crowd. Every seat was filled.  My season tickets are in the 5th row, endzone and there are usually a few empty seats.  Not Sunday.

As soon as the Titans won the toss in OT, I knew Vince would run for a game-winning TD. Like in the last seconds of the Rose Bowl, I had no doubt.

VY is already a legend in Houston and what happened Sunday was like an earthquake.  People in Houston claim him as their own, regardless of anything else.  If he had gone to play in Oklahoma instead of Texas (God forbid), he would still be a hometown hero.

I don't know how much of the after-game was on TV. As soon as VY scored the TD, he was swamped by reporters, players and cameramen. Half of the stadium was screaming in joy, the other half screaming in pain. I stood calmly, less than 20 yds from VY, with a little smile on my face. I was wearing a Mario Williams jersey.

VY made a final victory lap around the stadium before heading to the lockers. People stormed the front row seats to get a hand out or horns up.

A lot will be said this week about how bad the Texans are and the mistakes they've made. Kubiak said earlier this week that it was his decision to pick Mario. David Carr will almost definitely be out next season. He is the only thing that still remains from the first season and will be the symbol of five losing seasons.

I'm afraid that the Texans will continue to lose for the next couple of seasons.

For Houston Texans fans, the Titans and the Cowboys are the most hated sports teams ever.  It was said before, but it's hard to describe how bad Bud Adams screwed this city when he took the Oilers to Tennessee.  

I've been reading the diaries and posts at BON for some time now but never posted or even registered before.  This is an outstanding site and keeps me refreshing my RSS feeds regularly.  I'll probably be the most infrequent contributor but I had to put something out there today.

I just read over what I posted and it hardly made any sense.  Sorry.  My mind is just a little scrambled right now.

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