The Brazos Project

I think it's time for a little social experiment and since football season is over, I say let's get along or let's get it on...

First off, let me just say I enjoy reading opposing viewpoints. The best diaries and postings on this web site are almost always the ones that challenge conventional wisdom or the popular opinion of the day.

However, Mr. Brozos, rather than provide us with an original, informative minority Aggie opinion with which to rationally argue against, has chosen to play the always unpopular and extremely puerile "I know you are, but what am I" game.

Why? Who really cares. But my guess is he's actually not that different than most BON heads, but since he can't get what he most desires from this community, mutual admiration for his Aggie peer group, he chooses to get attention negatively. But you don't have to be Dr. Phil to figure that out.

And so many of you have rightfully suggested that we simply ignore him for the pathetic, immature malcontent he embodies on this message board. He serves no purpose and therefore probably ought to be banned. But banning and censorship isn't very American or 4th Estate of us and PB's hypocrisy can only go so far.

Plus, and more directly, human nature and Longhorn machismo prevents the majority of posters on this board from letting his incidius postings go unchallenged. The problem of course and the rule as always, you can't argue with a Sooner or a myopic Aggie hell bent on dragging you down into his or her perpetual hell of unrequited admiration.

So what do you say we stop being reactive and get proactive. Yeah, I know I sound like the Six Sigma guy from Douche&Flush Consulting (Flush&Douche if your name is Brazos), but if you really want to peel this onion, remove this cancer, or exorcise this demon, I say let's play a little game.

I've been reading this site for a little over a year and noticed a competitive streak amongst most of us that post. Every time something Longhorn related hits the newswire, everyone wants to be the first to report it on the BON. So let's tap into that and extricate the dyslexic Aggie at the same time.

How do you play? Simple, every time Mr. Brazos posts something, no matter what it is, you simply reply, "Go Fuck Yourself." That's it. Don't answer him in any other way. I don't care if he posts that he's donating a million dollars to fight the spread of Sheep AIDS, same response. If you're the first one to respond, you win. No points for second as one response will suffice.

Why might it work? Because it appeases our innate need to respond anytime he tries to hijack the board with another one of his inane, non sequiturs and it frustrates him to no end because he doesn't get a response that'll satisfy his desire to raise hell.

The worst thing you can do to someone on a message board is ignore them. But since no one seems to be able to do that, I say we try the Brazos Project.

And no, I'm not working on a thesis for a Graduate Degree in Anthropology. But if you're a student and looking for ideas, that's better than studying the effects of cannibis on lab rats. Or not...

Anyway, as for you Mr. Brazos, go fuck yourself.
* Update [2007-1-12 16:51:48 by 54b]: Apparently Mr. Brazos has now been banned and his comments (all of his comments) redacted. Not sure if this makes my social experiment a success or a failure. I feel like I just exploited the plane just to spite the hijacker. Oh well. at least we can move on to the next embroilio. My work is done here.

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