Last week, after a signature win at Kentucky, Tim Tebow seemed poised be the one ring name to rule them all the Heisman ballots. Now after a disheartening win at Georgia, Florida KO'ed their quarterback from the top spot, and like the rest of this college football season, the Heisman race is once again wide open. Tebow still leads the nation in passing efficiency (176.52 rating) and sports a stellar TD:INT ratio (18:3), but a third conference loss looks like it will knock Florida out of the SEC race, thereby disallowing Tebow to have one more signature game on his resume.

Likewise, Andre Woodson, he of the 28 touchdowns (2nd in the nation), found himself in a perfect position to etch his name on Heisman voters' minds. A Kentucky win coupled with losses from Florida and South Carolina would have vaulted Kentucky to the top of the SEC East; a loss to Mississippi State now assures that they're all but out. Woodson's Heisman candidacy follows likewise.

Michigan's resurgence would be a great story for the Mike Hart Heisman campaign; unfortunately, he's sat out the past two games. His 154 yards per game (3rd in the nation) looks nice, but it's hard to add to those total yards (1078, 8th in the nation) and touchdowns (12, tied for 9th) when you're sitting on the bench. If Hart can come back next week, Michigan still has Ohio State on the horizon and a BCS bowl run for Mr. Mike to show his stuff.

Wither Darren McFadden? Longhorn fans, take note: McFadden's numbers are 993 yards for 11 TDs, good for 5.28 ypc (16th in the nation, t-14th and 11th, respectively). After his big day, Jamaal Charles has put up 1012 yards for 11 TDs, good for 5.78 ypc. McFadden's two saving graces are that he came into the year as the Heisman frontrunner, and to date no one has taken a firm hold on the prize. As mind boggling as it might be, McFadden still has a chance, although he needs Arkansas to win out to have any shot at the trophy. Funny, Louisville is just about as good (as bad?) as Arkansas, but Brian Brohm has been completely blacklisted. No complaints here.

The Booties for John David Booty have mysteriously disappeared. Usher in the Mark Sanchez era!

Sam Bradford is second in the nation by passing efficiency (170.94). Sam Bradford is a freshman. Next.

Ex-darkhorse Graham Harrell is throwing at a mind-boggling clip of 442 yards per game, 40 better than second-place Colt Brennan. He's also added a league leading 35 touchdowns. Nevertheless, he's toast. Losing to Colorado will do that to you.

Ray Rice isn't bad either, with 142.6 yards per game, good for 4th in the nation. Rutgers, on the other hand, is bad, losing badly to West Virginia. No mas for Ray Rice.


Let's start with Dennis Dixon, and to a lesser extent, Jonathan Stewart. Dixon is sixth in the country in passing efficiency (160.34 rating) and has a solid 16:3 TD:INT ratio. Stewart leads the nation with a 6.69 ypc (min 150 carries) and has added 9 TDs. Next week's game against Arizona State will go a long way in their candidacy. Likewise, Rudy Carpenter, who hasn't been mentioned at all, is humming along with a 155.61 rating (10th in the nation) with a 17:7 TD:INT ratio. He's got another statement game next week as well.

Pat White is another QB to keep an eye on. His passer rating sits at 158.91 (8th), and while he's thrown for only 9 touchdowns, he's added 656 yards and 9 touchdowns on the ground. Helping his case is the fact that Steve Slaton is having a positively pedestrian year; not helping is the fact that their "biggest" game left is home against UConn.

Matt Ryan will still be getting some looks since BC remains undefeated. Todd Boeckmann hasn't been getting any looks despite OSU doing likewise. Take a quick look at the numbers, though: Ryan's QB rating is 138.49 (50th in the nation) with 19 TDs and 8 INTs. Boeckmann is 164.35 (3rd), 21 and 8. Todd Reesing could work himself into this discussion as well, he of the 144.39 (19th), 17 and 4. He's working with a big disadvantage, though, as (1) no one believes Kansas is this good, and (2) he's a sophomore. All of these QBs (along with Carpenter) have to win out to have any shot at getting to the promised land.

Chase Daniel remains in the mix as well, putting up 148.52 (17th in the nation), 18 and 8. Daniel has his shot when they meet Kansas at the end of the year. If he can get by that, a rematch with OU almost surely awaits. Two stellar games there can get him name recognition.

Colt Brennan shouldn't even be in the discussion.

The trendy small school pick (i.e., the Colt Brennan/Garrett Wolfe award) of the moment is  Matt Forte of Tulane, who leads the nation in yards (1539) and yards per game (192.38) and is tied for third in TDs (15). In fact, this season has been such a clusterf*ck, I'm putting money on Forte to win this. Is that really so far-fetched? All he needs are losses by Ohio State, Arizona State, Kansas, Boston College, West Virginia, Missouri, Oregon, Florida, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Michigan, Arkansas, and perhaps a few other teams climbing up with borderline candidates (dare I say, Texas and Jamaal Charles?) to have a shot. Put me officially on the Matt Forte bandwagon.

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