Texas 57, OU 39

In sad news that went unnoticed this past year, the OU community lost a friend as the Hartman Football Newsletter can no longer be found online.  HFN held itself out to be "America's Leading Authority on Football" dating all the way back to the publication's inception in 1994.  To be the leading authority of football is impressive stuff.  But 1994?  I'd understand maybe if someone who covers and writes about curling since 1994 claimed to be the leading authority, but football?  That can't be right.  Every year since BON's inception (circa 2005), I have reposted a few minor corrections that the HFN editor managed to overlook.

The cleverly titled "Anti-Texas Page" featured almost as much animosity towards homosexuality as items of low-end longhorn-bashing clipart and graphics.  (It's a wonder that Calvin urinating on the 40 acres was nowhere to be found.)  With all that said, I'll focus on the most glaring issue.  Facts...a few wrong...a lot missing.
Aside from that, it's a very persuasive webpage.  No doubt if my self-esteem wasn't as Texas sized as it is, I might feel a little insecure after reading about all the forgettable moments in UT football history.

Below is the full text from the "Anti-Texas Page."  I have taken the time to supplement it a little.  I could dig deeper and search for the low points of OU football history, but instead I will limit my commentary to the years and contests singled out by the Hartman Football Newsletter.

If HFN or any other Boomers are reading, just a reminder that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

A History of the Achievements of Texas Longhorn Football:

1894.  Texas begins playing football, beats the Austin YMCA, 6 - 0.

...That same year OU Played one game, losing at home in Norman 34-0 to Oklahoma City.  The next year in 1895, OU doubled the length of its season, playing two games...both against Norman High School, winning 12-0 and 16-4.  (Nice to see OU went for the two-point conversion both times.  No doubt in response to the two safeties they gave up.) [To be fair, after reading a book about the history of the Southwest Conference and the early years, of football, touchdowns initially were only valued at 4 points.] OU celebrated its first of the 14 undefeated seasons the school now claims.  AND, only 100 more years until the Hartman Football Newsletter is started and becomes the leading authority for football  

1903.  Texas begins its tradition of being scum by scheduling and then beating the School for the Deaf, 17 - 0.

...Texas also beat OU that year 40-10...TSD appeared to be a more worthy adversary (Texas owns OU series W:5, L:0, T:1)

1904.  Texas loses to Chicago, 68 - 0.

...The next week UT returned home from Chicago to beat OU 40-10. (Texas owns OU series W:6, L:0, T:1)

1906.  Texas loses to Vanderbilt, 45 - 0.

...Texas went 9-1 that year, so it looks like OU is still wearing the proverbial collar. (Texas owns OU series W:7, L:0, T:1)  Oh, and the week before OU lost to Texas--in Oklahoma, OU lost to Kansas 20-4.

1913.  Past is prologue.  Texas loses to Notre Dame, 30 - 7

...Texas went 7-1 that guess what that means.  Oh, and OU beat its first three "opponents" by a combined score of 258-0.  They scored 6 in their loss to Texas.  (Texas owns OU series W:10, L:4, T:1)

1937 - 38.  Texas loses ten straight games.

...Guess who Texas didn't lose to in 1937.  (1938 - Texas owns OU series W:20, L:9, T:2)

1941.  In the Baylor game star end Noble Doss drops an easy pass.  It costs Texas the conference title and a trip to the Cotton Bowl.  Doss begins the Texas tradition of CHOKING.

...turned out just to be a scratchy throat as Texas tied Baylor 7-7 that game and beat OU 40-7.  (Finished season ranked 4th, beating Oregon 71-7)

1951 - 57.  Texas loses seven straight years to rival Oklahoma.

...The streak was 6 years, actually beginning in 1952 (unless OU's 9-7 loss in '51 was a moral victory).  With those 6 losses, some how Texas still owns the series (W:29, L:19, T:2) thanks to Texas' 8-game win streak over OU from 1940-47.  Texas started another 8-game win streak over OU the next year, as well.

1964.  Rival Arkansas wins the National Championship.

...Actually, both AP and UPI crowned Alabama National Champion.  But guess who beat #1 Alabama in the Orange Bowl.  Hook'em 21-17.  Texas went 10-1 that year, losing to the Razorbacks 14-13 who finished 10-0.  Since Arkansas beat UT and UT beat #1 U of A, some football writers gave Arkansas the January title.  Which is fine with most Texas fans since they know what happened the season before.  That's when #1 ranked Oklahoma lost to its rival (#2) who went on to finish 11-0 and claim the undisputed title. (OU's loss to UT was the seventh in-a-row to Texas, as UT increased it's series lead to W:36, L:19, T:2)

1969.  President Richard M. Nixon visits the Texas locker-room at half-time of the Arkansas game and declares the Longhorns to be national champions.  Nixon later pleads, "I'm not a crook." and then resigns the Presidency in disgrace.

...AP and UPI also were not crooks and just happened to agree that the 11-0 Longhorns were the best in the land with wins over #2 Ark., #8 OU, & #9 Notre Dame.

1970.  Undefeated Texas wins the Southwest Conference Title and finishes the regular season ranked #1.  The Longhorns and star running back Woo Woo Worster then CHOKE in the Cotton Bowl and get beat by Notre Dame, 24 - 11.

...Can anyone tell me where I can find the 1970 National Championship trophy?

As a point of history, this Texas team was all-white.  Texas was among the last NCAA football teams to integrate.

... And yet Texas managed a 41-9 win over OU (who were Co-Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl champions, tying the other team). (Texas owns series W:41, L:20, T:2)

1971.  Texas loses to Arkansas 31 - 7, to Oklahoma 48 - 27, and then to Penn State 30 - 6 in the Cotton Bowl.

...And yet Texas Longhorns = Conference champions.  Just because we have 800 program victories, doesn't mean we can win them all.

1973.  Texas gets hammered by rival Oklahoma, 52 - 13.

...OU hired Barry Switzer that year.  It was as if OU knew every play we were calling.

1974.  Rival Oklahoma wins the national championship.

...OU for some reason decided not to play in a bowl game that year.

1975.  Rival Oklahoma wins another national championship.

...He keeps saying "Rival."  What kind of rivalry has a series record of 41-25-2?

1977.  Undefeated Texas wins the Southwest Conference Title and finishes the regular season ranked #1.  The Longhorns and star running back Earl Campbell then CHOKE in the Cotton Bowl and get beat by Notre Dame, 38 - 10.  Notre Dame benches its starters for most of the second half.

...I'll take his word for it.  I wasn't there.  But since Notre Dame was a good enough program to snap OU's 47-game win streak, then I'll believe it.

1981.  Texas "donates" a pair of cowboy boots to blue-chip recruit Marcus Dupree.  Dupree then signs a letter of intent to play at Oklahoma.

After receiving a visit from alumnus Billy Sims urging him to go to OU (an NCAA violation)...Dupree played for the Sooners his freshman year in 1982 but transferred his sophomore season to Southern Miss and never played another down of college football.  Dupree was such a bust, ABC Sports did a "Where are they now?" piece on him.  

1982.  Texas CHOKES and loses to North Carolina 26 - 10 in the Sun Bowl after going into the fourth quarter leading 10 - 3.

...OU lost to Arizona State 32-21, in a game that had fewer viewers than the parade that preceded it.  The Sooners also took a lead in to the 4th quarter but were shut out the rest of the way.  In what would be freshman RB Marcus Dupree's final college game (see above) Coach Switzer blamed the loss on Dupree for being overweight.  The overweight freshman managed to set a Fiesta Bowl record with 239 yards rushing (in just three quarters prior to pulling a hamstring before the fourth).  Despite the Sooner loss, Dupree was named the bowl MVP.

1983.  Undefeated Texas wins the Southwest Conference Title and finishes the regular season ranked #1.  The Longhorns then CHOKE in the Cotton Bowl, losing to Georgia 10 - 9.

...The way this guy writes history, he's making it look like Chris Simms was simply upholding our rich tradition of choking. We were ranked #2 and lost to #7 Georgia.  For whatever reason, OU did not play in a bowl game.

1985.  Rival Oklahoma wins another national championship.

...This was back when you did not need to go undefeated to win the Title.  That's fortunate because the home loss in Norman to Miami 27-14 could have been a problem.  At least OU did beat Texas and narrowed the deficit within the series (Texas leads W:46, L:28, T:4)

1986.  Former Longhorn players allege the coaching staff encouraged them to scalp tickets.  Head coach Fred Akers is fired.

...What, no mention of former-Sooner-turned-Longhorn Darrell K. Royal?  Fine.  By the way, Akers was the eleventh coach to leave Texas with a winning record against OU.

1987.  Texas running back Edwin Simmons is arrested by Austin police.  Simmons was found wandering around the campus area stoned on marijuana and completely naked.

...Is that why they call it the Drag?  If Simmons makes the list of highlights, I expect to see Ron McKelvey (aka Ron Weaver) make the list for 1995. Thank goodness OU lost to Miami after going undefeated during the regular season, otherwise the Simmons note would likely be replaced with "Rival Oklahoma wins another national championship."

1988.  Texas loses to Houston 66 - 15.

...We lost to a lot of teams that year with David McWilliams at the helm.  Three of our five seasons under McWilliams were losing seasons.  But guess what?  He still managed to become our twelfth coach to leave with a winning record against OU.

1991.  Texas loses to Miami in the Cotton Bowl 46-13.

...This is true.  I was there.  (Except we only scored 3 points--not 13--but that's 3 more than a certain other team who didn't go bowling that year.

1997.  Texas loses to UCLA 66 - 3.

...Besides the obvious loss to Texas, OU loses to Northwestern 24-0.  The Sooners finished with four wins, never winning two in-a-row.

1998.  Head coach John Mackovic is fired.

...Luckily, head coach John Blake is retained.  Oh, and Mackovic was our thirteenth coach to leave with a winning record against OU.

1999.  Texas plays Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl after a long hiatus in their rivalry.  The heavily favored Longhorns CHOKE and lose 27 - 6.

...I wish I could be more detailed on this response but the odds making websites don't indicate who was favored that same bowl season when OU lost to SEC power-house Ole Miss.

2000. Texas loses to rival Oklahoma 63-14.

...Everybody lost to Oklahoma, remember?  That was the most recent year our rival won the national championship.

2003.  Mack Brown brings Texas high school prep star RB Adrian Peterson to the Oklahoma game, then loses to the Sooners, 65 - 13.   Peterson signs a letter of intent to play at OU.

...Peterson explains he wants to win a championship and Texas can't do that.  (OU goes on to lose in the next two BCS title games, but gets to watch UT win the subsequent year.)

2004.  Mack Brown receives a ten year contract extension after begging and crying his way into the Rose Bowl, pushing aside the Cal Bears by rigging the Coaches Poll.  All of California learns to hate the Texas Longhorns

...Any man who has the power to "rig" the coaches poll deserves a ten-year contract.  Oh, and Texas went on to become 2005 Rose Bowl Champions while Texas' Rival fell just 37 points shy of winning their little bowl as well.

2005.  Latest Longhorn arrests: RB Ramonce Taylor and DB Cedric Griffin.  Both are allowed to play in the Rose Bowl.

...I don't recall any arrests.  This guy apparently depends too heavily on reports from  I do recall a Rose Bowl though (and a few players OU did not suspend during the season.)

2006.  Knees down, Texas wins its first national championship in 36 years.

...It was actually a 35-year drought.  I wonder why he had 36 on his mind.  Perhaps because that is how many points OU lost by in the previous year's BCS title game against the same school Texas beat in 2006.  (And for those of you keeping score, Texas owns series W:57, L:39, T:5)

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