Honest Ag's take

I know you have probably heard enough about this game but I just wanted to address a few things various posters have mentioned and give you my take - only because its the correct one.

  1. I came away very impressed with both teams. I thought we performed a little better than I expected and thought. You guys seem one PJ Tucker away from a Big XII title this year.
  2. The amount of youth, and very talented youth, was incredible. You guys ran out 5 or 6 freshmen that balled on one of the best defenses in the nation, scoring 82 pts when noone had even topped 70. A&M was also greatly helped out by multiple freshmen.
  3. If UT was capable of winning a game like this, then they really blew their chance. Tremendous foul trouble, a lack of supposed 'home court advantage', a star player missing time with injury, desperation minutes from the unlikeliest of Aggie bench players. It was set up perfectly for you guys, you just couldn't make the plays. Including Durant
  4. Durant is tremendously talented. I'm really pissed I couldn't get my ticket because seeing him in person would have been sweet. But at times, you come away wondering how in hell a 6-9 shooting guard doesn't have the ball in hands at the top of the key on every possession. The refs were allowing very little contact when the ball was in his hands (hell I got two fouls called on me watching the game is Houston), yet on numerous occasions, he did not do enough to command the ball. If he wants to be the next Melo, he needs to assert himself and act like the dominant person he is.
  5. The lack of defense you guys play must be quite amusing for your opponents. Yeah, I know that A&M fouls alot and probably reaches in too often, but the amount of uncontested trips we had to the basket was incredible - and we hardly ever drive to the rim until the end of the game. I don't know how many times I saw Damien James just standing in the key as some guy blew past him all the way from the 3 pt. line. Even Durant allows this to happen too often, only he is suprisingly adept at blocking shots from behind. I thought Barnes was a defensive kind of guy. I would think somebody in that collection of orange jerseys you call a bench would be able to defend on the perimeter, in the paint, or anywhere else on a court, but I guess not.
  6. The 'shot' - yea you guys think its dumb that a poster was made. But remember, this shot pretty much sealed our first NCAA tourney birth in practically forever. Some of you claim you don't remember it, but ESPN only showed it 100 freaking times in the past couple of days. If, and its a big IF, A&M somehow turned into a national program under Gillispie, this shot could be considered THE defining moment/turning point in our fate. I'm just really glad that it happened against a top-10 ranked longhorn team. It doesn't make the moment, it just makes the moment that much sweeter.
  7. Running up the score - did NOT happen. We ran down the 35-second clock to 2, put the ball in the hands of a guy who has played about 3 minutes of Big XII basketball. If anything we tried to not score. Did you want us to take a shot clock violation because we were playing our rival. Barnes should have realized with a minute to go that the game was over and called off the fouls. You can thank him for the c-note that is plastered on various sports headlines.
  8. I heard Barnes had some not-so kind words to say about A&M, including (not exact quotes):

    [edit: ignore this next part, probably a little of base and definitely not agreed upon by UT faithful.]

  • "yea they have good players, we can't get everybody" like anyone would have the audacity to play for someone besides UT
  • and "the crowd sounded stupid, saying stuff we said in middle school" - what do you mean Rick, stuff like 'play defense', 'get the ball to the best player', 'the game is over, quit fouling or they're gonna score a 100'? You probably should have listened to them. Next time, how about a little respect for a rowdy home croud.
Other than that, you guys have a decent team. I just think you are the epitome of the saying 'with the way they play, this team could beat anybody, this team could lose to anybody.'

Good luck til we meet in Austin.

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