Question du jour - 3/8/07

DIARY RETREAD WARNING (If this topic has already been brought up, make sure you admonish me before giving me the link to where I can find it.)

Why do we have conference championship tournaments?

Just like the rest of you, I'm sure I'll figure out a way to take a five hour lunch today to tune in  because it's fun. But seriously, besides the money the conference takes in, what's the benefit?

It's not that big of a deal for the Big Six Conference schools who already have the records to get in (other than getting tired leg right before the Dance), but if you're a school from one of these small conferences, why would you want to condense 8 weeks of blood, sweat, and tears into 3 gut-wrenching days unless you already have nothing to lose?

Obviously, some people agree as evidenced by Wiggo the other day when he pointed out that one of the small conferences gave its top two seeds a double-buy, basically assuring each team of making it to the finals. But even then, that doesn't guarantee the regular season champ an automatic spot.

So I ask if only one team can go from your conference, shouldn't it be the one that was the best all season long? Basketball is one of those games where anything can happen and often does.

I feel bad for those teams that win their conference in the regular season and get bounced in the conf. tourney. Every year, it seems like there's that one team that makes it to the dance with a losing record.

They never have much effect on the overall Dance results  and always get bounced in the first round, but they did deny another more deserving team (in my opionion) a shot at Dancing.

I guess if the Big XII only got one ticket to the Dance, I'd want a conference tourney because Kansas, Texas, and A&M didn't have an equal strength of schedules, but if everybody plays everybody fairly in the conference, I don't see a need for an end of the season conference tourney.

Maybe I'm missing something...but rewarding the conference tourney winner instead of the conference regular season champ (if they're different) with an automatic bid seems a lot like holding a beauty pageant complete with talent, swimsuit and evening wear competitions only to disregard those results and award the trophy to the girl with the biggest hooters.

Then again, I guess that's life.

Please discuss...

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