Longhorn Parody Continues With Minor Changes

COLLEGE  STATION, TEXAS: Aggieland Outfitters, located near the campus of Texas A&M University, announced today its owners have successfully settled a lawsuit brought by The University of Texas to stop sales of merchandise bearing the "SAW ‘EM OFF" logo, which parodies UT’s longhorn mascot.  

In the settlement, UT agreed that Fadi Kalaouze and his parent company Kalcorp could continue using the "SAW ‘EM OFF" logo, if they made minor changes that further distinguished it from UT’s longhorn trademark.  The agreed-upon changes include adding a small blaze and nostrils to the steer’s face.

"I am very happy with this settlement, " says Fadi Kalaouze.  "Most importantly, with this settlement Aggies will have the right to wear "SAW ‘EM OFF" shirts and poke fun at UT forever.  We only had to make minor changes to our logo, and were able to stand our ground by not paying any royalties to UT for either past or future sales."

For nearly a decade, Fadi and Hege Kalaouze, owners of Aggieland Outfitters, have sold clothing and other products with the now-famous image of a longhorn with its horns cut off and the legend "SAW ‘EM OFF."  The logo embodies the Aggie War Hymn’s call to "Saw Varsity’s horns off."  Varsity being the original name of UT’s longhorn mascot, now called Bevo.  Ten days after A&M’s stunning football victory over the Longhorns in 2006, UT sued Fadi Kalaouze and Kalcorp Enterprises, alleging "SAW ‘EM OFF" mutilated UT’s longhorn trademark and caused confusion among consumers.

Kalaouze and Kalcorp, represented by Allan Van Fleet of the Greenberg Traurig law firm, answered that the SAW ‘EM OFF logo is a clear parody protected by the First Amendment and demonstrated that no one has ever been confused into thinking that "SAW ‘EM OFF" products were sponsored by UT.

"Fadi and I want to personally thank everyone who supported our efforts to save the "SAW EM OFF" tradition," says Hege Kalaouze.  "We could not have done this without the Aggie community behind us, and are forever grateful for everyone’s support and kind words.  Gig’em Ags!"

Contact: Miranda Sevcik 713 515-9729

For pictures of the new logo and background please visit:

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