The Book Is Here: "The Eyes of Texas 2007" Is Finally Off The Press

The Eyes of Texas 2007, now available for purchase.
I'm sitting here writing this with a brand spankin' new advanced copy of this book I've been teasing everyone about for so long. Yes, The Eyes of Texas 2007: An Annual Guide to Texas Longhorns Football is officially off the press. Your humble blog author is the editor, and he couldn't be more proud of the finished product.

When Maple Street Press approached me about putting this book together, I was excited about its potential. I, like so many Longhorn fans, have grown tired of purchasing four or five national preview magazines each year, only to get a half dozen pages (if you're lucky) relevant to my team. Even Dave Campbell's magazine, which packs more local punch than the national mags, devotes the majority of its content to Not Texas Longhorns.

That's why I signed on to put this book together - because there are thousands of us across this state who are interested in all things Longhorn football. Because there is enough content relevant to Texas football to fill a 112 page book. From 2007 previewing, to program analysis, to some truly outstanding chapters on Longhorn history, this book is the first and only to be devoted solely to Texas Longhorn football.

I'll be offering much more on the book over the next couple of weeks, but here's the Table of Contents for those who are eager to learn about what's inside:

Section One: 2007 Orientation

  1. Offense 101 (Peter Bean)
  1. Defense and Special Teams 101 (Peter Bean)
  1. Meet The Newest Longhorns (Geoff Ketchum)
  1. Know Thy Enemy: Longhorn Opponent Previews (Matt Hinton)
  1. Life After Vince Young: A 2006 Review (Chip Brown)

Section Two: Longhorn Program Analysis

  1. A Decade of Defense: Mack Brown's Defensive Coordinators (Will Allensworth)
  1. The Meteoric Rise of Colt McCoy (Chip Brown)
  1. Reviewing Mack Brown's Signal Callers (Scott McDonald)
  1. Mack Brown and Early Recruiting (Geoff Ketchum)
  1. A Whirlwind Tour of the Texas-OU Rivalry (Orson Swindle)
  1. Scheduling in the Mack Brown Era (T Kyle King)
  1. BCS Analysis (Matt Hinton)
  1. A Conversation with Texas' Newest Defensive Coordinators (Peter Bean)

Section Three: Great Moments in Longhorn History

  1. The History of DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium (Michael Bean)
  1. State Pride: The Longhorn-Aggie Rivalry (John Lopez)
  1. Documenting Dominance: The 1969 and 2005 National Title Winning Teams (billyzane - Scott Wells)
  1. Longhorn Alumni in the NFL (Michael David Smith)

--Key Stats
--2007 Longhorns Schedule

  1. Longhorn Footballaholics Welcome (54b - Cory Davies)

Along with some of the most insightful and interesting commentary on Longhorn football to be found anywhere, the book is an extremely high quality publication. The paper stock is thick and glossy. There are no advertisements. There are over 50 high resolution color photographs. Unlike the magazines you buy in the grocery aisle, this isn't something you'll toss in the garbage bin at the end of September. This is something you'd keep right on the coffee table.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I announce the completion of this project. It took a great many (too many) hours to complete, and I owe some serious apologies (and thanks) to everyone who put up with me as I locked myself in to get it finished.

I hope you'll consider purchasing the product, which is available both at Amazon and Maple Street Press. If you have friends and relatives who would enjoy this book but may not read this site, I'd be grateful for your help in getting out the word to them, as well.

Some samples from various chapters will run in this space throughout the next couple of weeks.

Let me thank those of you in advance who decide to purchase a copy. I can guarantee your satisfaction with the book, and I truly appreciate the support.

Hook 'Em,

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