Secret weapons?

This may not get much traffic in the 18 hours running up to the game, but I wanted to document our potential secret weapons - or viewed from another angle, our 'Hail Mary' players/options.

Much talk leading up to this game was about bringing in surprises for OU, or things that we might not see in a mature form until the game, since the Sooners thrive on preparation and knowing what you're going to do.

It's been well documented that Colt can scramble, so while that may still be a secret weapon, OU is aware of it and it's more of a safety valve. So what other "Holy shit, I wasn't expecting that!" kind of opportunities are there for Texas?

These are HIGHLY optimistic possibilities, but here are some options I can see:



I'm probably not the only fan hoping that Mack Brown slips some crazy pills into Greg Davis's morning coffee tomorrow. Given the vanilla play calling that he's so often criticized for, a Greg Gone Wild could shake things up for the Sooners. He's shown some flashes of creativity, misdirection, and general "Woah, who called that one?" types of plays leading up to this game. Might he blow it wide open? Or is he just going to blow?



Right now he's 3rd on the depth chart (not sure on his medical status?). But maybe Mack is looking to pull a reverse Mike Leach ("Everybody here is healthy and it will remain that way pretty much forever", referring to injury reports) with some head coach misdirection. Could Fozzy still show up?



He's been mediocre at every position he's played so far this year, but as has been mentioned, this is a great game for anyone flying under the radar to break out. Maybe the past week at practice has seen Chiles solely at running back and/or wide receiver, and he's ready to make some plays. OU certainly isn't going to be playing deep if Chiles gets ready to chuck the ball, but here's hoping Ogby inspired him last week and he's ready to pull his weight as a similar double-duty RB.


Young receivers

We've got depth, we just don't have standouts. Any one of the young WRs could step up and play big this game. I hope this is the case and OU underestimates the lot of 'em.


Tight ends

Even compared against Fozzy, Chiles, and GD, this is probably the most optimistic - that one of our big boy tight ends develops some good hands and catches the ball. If Colt's ability to run is diminished by OU's preparation, then the opportunity for a TE to stand out in this game could not be greater. GD had some big faith in Greg Smith as a receiver, so let's hope that wasn't just preseason talk.


Any other possibilities? I'm not trying to encourage "when pigs fly"-type 'secret weapons', but just trying to think of things that even we, as overanalytical fanatics, would be surprised but elated to see.

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