Gobble Gobble: Get Your Texas-OU Fill

I know the feeling well: Your team wins the big game, and all you want to do is soak-soak-soak up as much reaction as you can. It's okay. We're here to help.


  • Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman: In OU-UT, The Better Team Won

    "Texas coach Mack Brown talked about what an epic game it was, and he was right. But it also was epic disappointment. Bad enough to lose, but to lose the fourth quarter to a coach and school that OU once lorded over? The Sooners aren't who we thought they were."
  • John Rohde, The Oklahoman: Mack Tells It Like It Is

    "OU coach Bob Stoops has long been a class act whenever he loses (all of 23 times now in 125 starts with the Sooners). Brown, on the other hand, excels in victory. He is careful not to pour salt into the wound of any victim. It is in defeat when Brown has been known to literally talk himself into a corner, trying to explain away something that went awry."

  • John Helsley, The Oklahoman: Texas Abuses OU With Converted Tight End Position

    "Too tempting to resist, the Longhorns filled the tight end slot with wide receiver Jordan Shipley – a twist just for this game – and went to him repeatedly, gouging OU down the middle.

    Recalling what Finley did a year ago (four catches for 149 yards and a touchdown), Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis hoped to take advantage of OU's defensive tendencies again, trying to create matchups on linebackers.

    "We felt like by what they did, the tight end spot should have some opportunities," Davis said.

    "Probably, most of Jordan's catches was from that position."

  • John Shinn, The Norman Transcript: Cotton Bowl Collapse

    "It was like a ride that someone would have paid about 200 tickets to take Saturday afternoon at the Texas State Fair. Some did with scalpers asking $500 for for a ticket outside the gates. Touchdowns, big plays and momentum swung back and forth so violently it almost caused motion sickness.

    In the end, it was No. 1 Oklahoma that was sick after a 45-35 loss to No. 5 Texas in the 103rd edition of the Red River Rivalry."

  • Clay Horning, The Norman Transcript: Part Of OU's Loss Is On The Coach

    Though Stoops’ Big-Game-Bobness has been in question for some time, ever since OU made a habit of losing its last game of the season, his exposure until recently has been limited. Even if his teams have occasionally appeared less than ready, it wasn’t a matter of the coach taking an unwise course in the moment.

    Until now."

    • Kirk Bohls, Austin American-Statesman: This One Was No Upset, Because Texas Is Better Than OU

      "It's true. Texas has a better football team than Oklahoma. Savor it, Longhorn fans. Feel it, take it in, believe it"

    • Cedric Golden, Austin American-Statesman: UT's Davis Called The Best Game Of His Career

      "Remember, this is the same guy who admitted that the game plan he and Brown installed before a 12-0 loss to the Sooners in 2004 was conservative by design, one that clipped Vince Young's growing wings and ended up possibly costing Texas a chance to win a national title.

      The game is different now. So is Davis.

      He is a better offensive coordinator than he was that day."

    • Chuck Carlton, Dallas Morning News: Ogbonnaya Stands Out Against Sooners

      "Quarterback Colt McCoy made sure Ogbonnaya's efforts were noted, calling him a playmaker, which might have drawn strange looks last month.

      'They blitzed and blitzed all day and played their linebackers in tight, so they made us throw the ball a lot. Finally, they backed off, Chris popped two long runs, and that was the difference.'"

    • Kevin Sherrington, Dallas Morning News: For Longhorns, It's One But Not Done

      "Just how good Texas really is, we'll find out over the coming weeks. But it's safe to say that it's far better than anyone imagined. A fine game at the fair proved that point, and perhaps foreshadowed another."

    • Chip Brown, Orangebloods.com: This Changes Everything

      The last time Texas beat a top-ranked Oklahoma team in the regular season was 1963. The Longhorns went on to win the national title that year. Even Mack Brown didn't hide the fact that this year's blue-collar Longhorns are now playing for much bigger stakes.

      "Now, we're looking at a bigger goal," Brown said."


    • Matt Hayes, The Sporting News: Lessons Gleaned From Texas-OU, So Far The Game Of The Year

      "The big debate: Who has the best conference? Right now, it's pretty hard to argue against the Big 12."

    • Ivan Maisel, ESPN.com: Chemistry Key In Texas' Cotton Bowl Surprise

      "If you went to see your team play Saturday, if you didn't have the good fortune of wearing burnt orange or crimson in Fair Park on a sunlit fall Saturday, if you made the mistake of watching some other game, get thee to YouTube. Buy, cheat or steal your way to a copy and watch No. 5 Texas beat No. 1 Oklahoma 45-35."

    • Tim Griffin, ESPN.com: Can Texas Continue To Run The Gauntlet?

      "In a way, this run is setting up much like Oklahoma's run to the 2000 national championship. To earn that title, the Sooners beat No. 11 Texas, No. 2 Kansas State and No. 1 Nebraska - all in the same month. The rankings might not hold, but Texas will face a similar challenge with their remaining schedule."

    • College Football News: Texas #1
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