Bevo's Daily Roundup 10.23.08

Bevo's Daily Roundup corrals all of the daily Big 12 news.

Texas A&M wants to be a liberal football school. Yes, you read that right. Mike Sherman is instituting disciplinary measures"The more you invest, the more you hurt, and that's a good thing. It should hurt." Health care reform can't get here fast enough for the Aggies. 

Boone Pickens may have lost money in the economic downturn, but OSU wins make him happy. "The two biggest games for me are the OU game and the Texas game,” said Pickens. "I’d like to beat both of ‘em. That’d be a real thrill for me.” 

Nebraska QB Joe Ganz is currently ranked fifth in the Big 12 with a 70.1 completion rate. Ganz also needs to shave, according to coach Bo Pellini. The QB's response? "I shaved last night," Ganz shouted to the coach. "I'm sorry. I'm a Man." 

And speaking of Oklahoma State... OSU remembers the 2007 game. Pokes Dez Bryant emerging as the Big 12's best receiver. Oklahoma columnists ask if this OSU team is the best ever.

From Orangepower, an OSU message board... Pokes version of I Have A Dream.

OU faithful are rooting for OSU this weekend. Dave Curtis of Sporting News asks if OU is the best one-loss team in the country.

OU's Ryan Reynolds doesn't quit, even after several injuries. You have to respect a player that just doesn't give up, no matter what the circumstances.

Another player that just didn't give up. Tech's Rylan Reed is an amazing story.

Texas Tech plays Kansas on Saturday and Double T Nation has five reasons why they will win. Check back tomorrow for five reasons why they will lose.

According to Baylor's Robert Griffin, it isn't always the quarterback's fault. It may be an act of God.

Colorado will continue to use two quarterbacks, Cody Hawkins and Tyler Hansen. CU plays Missouri this weekend.

A tale of two quarterbacks, Missouri's Chase Daniel and Chase Patton.

Everyone is thinking about a three letter word: BCS. Teams in the BCS mix are guarding themselves from all the hype following the first BCS rankings.

According to Ann Coulter's cousin and radio host Josh Longshore,  Phil Fulmer's replacement will be Mack Brown. Right...

On Colt McCoy: receivers send text messages, OSU sends more love his way, and he is still the Heisman favorite.

The South will rise again. The Big 12 South Division, that is. Our conference also gets the blame for the demise of defense in college football.




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