Newsflash -- Colt staying for senior year

Thanks Sportingnews.

By the way the grass is also green, sky is blue, the stock market is up down volatile, and OU still sucks.

While most of us dismissed the prospects of the NFL for guys like Colt, Quan, Jordan and others, does the success that they've had this year beg us to reconsider their chances?

Currently, Rivals ranks the following Horns at their respective positions:

QB - Colt McCoy #1

WR - Jordan Shipley #9

WR - Quan Cosby NR

OL - Adam Ulatoski #16

DL - Brian Orakpo #1

DL - Roy Miller NR

LB - Sergio Kindle NR

LB - Roddrick Muckelroy #21

Obviously, Rival's player rankings here have more to do with the player's value to his team, and less to do with the player's value as an NFL prospect.  But the rankings serve as a good barometer to compare against other players that make up the talent pool.  So who's NFL material?  Here's my take starting with the 2009 draft class:

Brian Orakpo - He's a top 10 pick right now, but he's the type of guy who could end up in the top 3 because his "measurables" are off the charts Mario Williams style.

Roy Miller - At this point, is he a better prospect than Frank Okam was?  Halfway through the seaon, Miller is outpacing Okam's 2007 season.  The knock on Roy though is he's 6-2 whereas Okam was 6-5.  Still, Amobi Okoye was a first rounder at the position 2 years ago and he and Roy are about the same size.  Roy will have a chance to play Sundays.

Quan Cosby - NFL hands but hasn't shown the speed.  Can't argue with the toughness though.  Shipley is actually turning out to be the better prospect but Quan will get a shot either in a late round or as a non-drafted free agent. 


2010 Class:

Colt McCoy -  Draft stock rising only in the sense that it was non-existent to start the season.  Even if he wins the Heisman, it will be difficult for Colt to transcend the college game based on stats alone.  Another season at the helm of this offense will certainly pad his number, but I would argue that more than any other player on the roster, Colt's performances against OU and a possible BCS bowl game or two will define him in the eyes of NFL scouts.  Put up an MVP-like performance against a top notch SEC defense in a BCS bowl and scouts will notice.

Sergio Kindle - He's eligible to make the jump this year, and he will be playing on Sundays eventually.  Sergio has been great in the pass rush and solid against the run but he lacks in pass coverage.  The upside on Kindle is huge and he probably fits in nicely in an NFL 3-4 scheme.  Of all the guys on the roster, stay one more year benefits him the most.

Adam Ulatoski - Hasn't faced an NFL prospect other than McCoy and Granger at OU.  Has the size to play in the NFL, but probably not the feet to play LT.  He'll probably get a chance at RT.

Jordan Shipley - Shipley and Cosby have demonstrated that what they lack in size, they make up for in NFL quality hands.  If you had asked me at the start of the season, Quan was more likely to be drafted than Shipley.  However, Shipley's upside in the return game cannot be denied, and the parallels between him and Welker can't be ignored.  At this point, Ship has more upside than Quan and Ship is the better prospect but there's no real benefit to him to leave early.  He stays for the shot at obliterating the record books for both Texas HS football and Texas college football.

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