Bevo's Daily Roundup 10.28.08


Kansas lost big, 63-21. And it was Homecoming. Coach Mark Mangino summed it up simply.

"Here’s the reality of it," said Mangino, in a statement that was brilliant in its simplicity. "We got a good old-fashioned butt-whoopin’ today."

Adding insult to injury, Kansas QB Todd Reesing was picked off three times in six minutes by Darcel McBath.

"It wasn't like pee-wee football or something," McBath said. "I was just glad I could make some plays when I had the chance."

"I've never had that happen to me in a lot of years of football to have back-to-back mistakes like that," said Reesing, who also lost a fumble earlier in the game. "Sometimes, when things go bad, they go really bad. You can't sugarcoat them. We just didn't play well in the second half."


Act like you've been there before
. One Tech fan implores his fellow Raiders to, well, not act like Red Raiders. (I wonder if the blogger realizes that he just paraphrased one of Darrell Royal's greatest one-liners?) Further reading: The Urban Dictionary helps give some insight into the Tech psyche.

When was last time Tech played another team with this high of a combined national ranking? 32 years ago. Texas Tech athletic director Gerald Myers is gearing up for this Saturday's game with Texas.

(Gerald) Myers, of course sees a little more. He was a student at Tech in the 1950s, when a UFO landing in Lubbock seemed more realistic than the arrival of a national spotlight of the magnitude of "College GameDay."

Mike Blackwell, writing for the BigRed Report, compares Mike Leach to a kidney stone. Tech may cause UT some pain, but it won't kill us. We certainly hope so.

Kudos to Matt Williams, Tech's walk-on kicker. He scored nine extra points against Kansas and was selected as the Big 12's special teams player of the week.

This week's game will pit two talented coaches against each other: Mack Brown as CEO, Mike Leach as innovator. The Texas defense feels they are ready.

“We’re not Kansas,” Roy Miller said.

“It’s fun at times, but it’s hard at times because you know everybody is looking to knock you down,” cornerback Ryan Palmer said. “We control our own destiny. We respect our opponents, but we’re not scared.”


Do you know what Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nebraska, Illinois, Arkansas and Colorado have in common? Hint: It has something to do with OSU's defense. Despite the loss to UT, the Pokes still have hopes of winning the Big 12 South title. We know who they will be pulling for this Saturday.

Bone Pickens hasn't lost everything in the economic downturn. He just gave an additional $63 million.


Colorado's meltdown against Missouri has The Ralphie Report asking if anyone is ready for basketball season. Hang in there, Buffs. The Aggies are up next. Visit I Am The12th Man for a preview of the game.


The Texas A&M University System regents voted to authorize the A&M President to settle a lawsuit filed by the families of Aggies who died or were injured in the 1999 bonfire. Hopefully everyone can get closure.


More rumors. Muschamp is the favored son for the Clemson job.


ESPN's Tim Griffin muses on the state of Big 12 football, North vs. South.

Big 12 television network? Not quite yet, but the conference powers-that-be now have regionally-syndicated games.


Bruce Feldman has the top 10 most underhyped stories so far this season. Greg Davis gets a plug as a guy who never gets mentioned as a great offensive mind. Feldman also believes that Tech has a very good offensive line.



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