Bevo's Daily Roundup 10.29.08


Halloween is almost here and BOTC's Panjandrum has Adventures of the Big 12: Halloween. And EMAW got a very early edition of the newspaper.

More October fun. We are mid-way through the season and Rock M Nation has a Big 12 Midterm.



Tech is trying to block out all the hype and distractions and just get ready for the game.

"Our best is good enough to beat anyone in the country," Rylan Reed said. "And I'm sure Texas believes their best is good enough to beat anyone in the country. We've got to make sure our best shows up."

Mike Leach speaks about Will Muschamp.

"He’s like what I think a lot of good defensive coordinators are," Leach said. "He’s basic, stays within himself, runs his stuff, doesn’t reinvent defense around an opponent. Features things, but has a relatively basic scheme and coaches good technique and intensity."

Tech students and area businesses are getting ready for the game. Kevin Pierson of Friendswood started a tradition in 2003 to camp out in front of the stadium to be first one in on game day. It is now called Tent City.

Mere entry, however, is not enough for the hard-core campers. Their goal, once the gates open, is to dash inside, swipe their student ID through the card reader and make it down the stadium steps to claim a spot on the front row, well within range of ABC’s TV cameras.

“It’s like the running of the bulls,” said Amy Niezgoda, a junior from Dallas. “People are running around and falling and tripping. But it’s all worth it.”

Niezgoda and friends like David McDaniel, a senior from Leander, will take turns manning the tents and trudging back and forth to class as the clock ticks down toward Saturday. Friends and alumni will bring pizza and beer, and Texas Tech coach Mike Leach probably will stop by Thursday night.

There is truly NOTHING to do in Lubbock, is there?

Once again we check an average Tech fan blog to get a sense of the Red Raider psyche. A Tech student writes about the Lubbock experience, or rather the Texas Tech Death Experience.

It is my honest opinion that Texas Tech fans die young. Probably from alcoholism from living in Lubbock... OR a simple heart attack from the Texas Tech football team. (or hernia, whichever comes first). Tech tends to win “important” games at the last minute. And by the “last minute” I truly mean THE LAST minute of the entire game. At the ripe old age of 22, I believe that I will die young, due to a heart attach brought on by the Texas Tech football team.

Just a plug for a good Red Raider blog. Of course, there is Double T Nation, but be sure to check out The Tortilla Report as well.


Iowa State is breaking in a new secondary. It is a bad year to do that. ISU plays Okie State this week so, no, it cannot get any worse for Gene Chizik.


OU defense issues again. It seems that the OU fan base is still unhappy. The comments posted after a NewsOk article on the absence of Ryan Reynolds is telling. So is the message board at The Tulsa World thinks OU's D is in the dumps.

"Disgusting football." That is the term Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables tossed out last Saturday, where the Sooners surrendered 550 yards and 38 points to Kansas State.

More Sooner hate, specifically Bob Stoops. Husker Mike at CornNation discusses the intense dislike of Bob Stoops with a ittle Barry Switzer thrown in. We can sympathize.

Nebraska still has hopes of winning the Big 12 North title.


Gary Danielson, CBS analyst, said...well, read for yourself.

Danielson told Fox Sports Radio Network's Andrew Siciliano that he would pick Stafford over McCoy if he was selecting for an NFL roster.

"I'll take Stafford. He's a 235-pound player; more of a pro... If Stafford played in one of those junk offenses, he'd be putting up numbers just like McCoy. I think he's more the pro body-type, he's more Matt Ryan. I think he's just a brilliant football player, I really do. He's gonna be an NFL franchise quarterback."


North vs. South, again. Omaha World-Herald Big 12 reporter Lee Barfknecht thinks there is a chasm in talent between the North and South Big 12 divisions. The South has too many schools with power and money so he wants an East/West alignment. ESPN's Tim Griffin has another idea. Combine all the teams into one conference with an 11 game schedule. All those "cupcake schedule" discussions would be moot.

Tim Griffin answers questions from readers. Some are good questions, some are truly asinine. Especially the comment from the Aggie. Surprised?

Steve from Huntsville, Texas writes: I am a born and bred Texas Aggie, but I am no fool. If Texas wins this week, they should not be allowed to play in a BCS bowl. They should let their second-string and third-string play against A&M. I think they are that good.

Tim Griffin: Steve, I do agree that Texas has shown much during its three-game gauntlet with impressive victories over Oklahoma, Missouri and Oklahoma State. A triumph over Tech would make it four ranked opponents in a row. But something tells me that Colt McCoy and the Longhorns still remember those two games that your team beat them during the last two seasons. I bet Colt especially remembers how he left the field the last time he played A&M in Austin. So I wouldn't expect much mercy from your old rivals considering that.

An Aggie conducts his own study on drugs at college campuses. He lists the top schools with a drug culture on campus. The University of Texas is listed at #5. This doesn't come as a surprise since we know how much they love us. They will love us even more Thanksgiving weekend. See above.


Rumor mongering. Will Muschamp is definitely at the top of the list for Clemson job. Missouri coach Gary Pinkel's name surfaced as a possible candidate for the Washington job, but he squelched the talk immediately. also mentions that Mike Leach might be on some lists at the end of the season.

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