Bevo's Daily Roundup 11.14.08


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The Longhorns

Mark Mangino explains the tirade after the 2004 Texas-Kansas game.

Mangino’s third season at KU had been a tough one. He felt he had no choice.

"It was to save the team," Mangino said this spring at a National Football Foundation forum. "I knew I was going to get criticism for it and take some bullets, but Kansas hadn’t had a winning program for many years, we were trying to get it on its feet, we were getting close but just couldn’t get it over the hump. So I took a bullet for it."

Todd Reesing grew up in Austin so this game has special meaning for him.

"I grew up in Austin and I obviously watched the Longhorns," Reesing said. "So I'd be lying to you if this game wasn't just a little bit bigger for me. You've got to try not to make it too big. But this is going to be fun for me."

Kansas has a tackling problem.

Analysts have been so preoccupied with the Kansas University football team’s woeful pass defense that they haven’t gotten around to tackling another pressing matter.

Namely, the Jayhawks’ inability to tackle.

So just how beat up is Colt McCoy?

Senior cornerback Ryan Palmer has become a leader in the Texas secondary.

Palmer has become an ex-officio member of the Texas coaching staff this season as he has helped guide a group of six freshmen defensive backs to grow up quickly.

"It's been fun being around with all of the young guys," Palmer said. "It's kind of like I'm the big brother around here. It's a challenge to make sure that we are doing the right thing." profiles Chris Ogbonnaya.

Jordan Shiley and Quan Cosby are two very talented receivers that can do everything but get national attention.

Coach Mack Brown lamented over the lack of national media attention given to the two receivers in comparison to the hype surrounding McCoy and his Heisman candidacy. Brown’s explanation: their height.

“I don’t think Quan and Jordan are getting the national exposure that I think they deserve for what they’re doing,” Brown said. “I think it’s because they’re little, probably. You see 6-3, and 6-2, and 6-5 guys. And these guys go out there and they’re making plays and everybody says they’re not fast enough and not tall enough and they just keep defying everybody.”

Malcolm Williams is working on consistency.

“I had a problem starting to look down the field, where I could run,” Williams said. “I had a lot more drops than I should have.”

Will Muschamp says that he is not talking about any other jobs.

The Rest of the Big 12

Two players from the Oklahoma football team have given disadvantaged tribal communities a reason to cheer each Saturday. Sam Bradford, quarterback, and Derek Shaw, long snapper, are both Native Americans.

We hold the hold the following Sooner truths to be obviously evident...

Texas-ex Roy Williams has a scouting report on Michael Crabtree.

Robert Griffin plans to continue to excel in football and track.

Texas A&M and Baylor share some parallels between the two programs.

Both Baylor’s Art Briles and Texas A&M’s Mike Sherman are first-year coaches competing against four well-established South teams. The head coaches at Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have a combined 34 years of experience at their schools.

They’ve both played young quarterbacks throughout most of the season with freshman Robert Griffin starting nine games for the Bears and sophomore Jerrod Johnson starting seven games for the Aggies.

They’re both trying to find answers on defense against some of the most explosive offenses in the country in the Big 12.

Will Josh Freeman stay at Kansas State or leave for the NFL?

The South division has dominated the Big 12 this year. Why bother with a championship game between the North and the South? The two best teams will come from the South.

Greg Doyle, writer, does not care what the polls say. He is sure he knows the two best teams in the country.

I know what the polls say. I know what the win-loss records say. I know what the BCS and the TV people say.

Forget all that -- because I know what my eyeballs say, and my eyeballs say the best two teams in college football aren't Alabama or Texas Tech. The best two teams are Oklahoma and Florida.

We should just cancel the rest of the season and go immediately to the national championship game.

Two coaches from the Big 12 South have a say in the Bowl Championship Series.

Texas Tech’s Mike Leach and Texas’ Mack Brown have votes in the USA Today coaches’ poll, which accounts for one-third of the BCS formula.

Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops does not.

The Atomic Teeth's Predicatron holds the answers to all your BCS questions.

Tim Griffin's picks of the week.



'Round The Big 12 Blogs

Barking Carnival has Texas A&M AD's Wednesday Weekly from November 12, 2003 and November 12, 2008. Bill Byrne knows how to recycle.

Bring On The Cats does not believe that Bill Snyder will solve what ails the football program.





SI's Luke Winn has compiled The Hoops Ideology Report. Someone took the time to fill out the survey and we are mentioned. Just keep reading.

The Austin American Statesman has five questions facing the Longhorns this season.

ESPN's Fran Fraschilla talks Big 12 basketball.

New college basketball site. The March to Madness is the sister site of the college football blog, The Wiz of Odds. And now for the shameless plug. They would like some help.

The most dramatic change in college basketball? The three-point parabola has been pushed back 12 inches, to 20 feet 9 inches.

Just when you thought you had seen the last of Bob Knight... He's back.



The Business of Sports

Major college football now has just four black head coaches out of 120 schools. Spencer Tillman believes the hiring system needs to change.

Gary Patterson's parents do not believe that he is taking the Kansas State job. Well, that settles the discussion.

The BCS' next four-year contract winner to be decided within the next week.



Other Stuff


The worst collegiate licensing idea ever: Aggie Collectible Christmas Village. Stock up now for all your Aggie holiday gifts. This just might sell out.

For all the UT history buffs out there. Do you know the name Jack Chevigny? He was a football player, a coach and a war hero.

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