What do I know?

It's been a long night, and I've had a lot to drink. I never do the fanpost thing here, but I've got some stuff I want to share, whether you want to hear it or not.

1) In my opinion, the refs tonight were chumps, but a championship caliber team overcomes bad calls, so that's all I will say about this.

2) Roy Miller and RAK getting hurt in the same game is disaterous.  RAK's injury looked to be pretty bad, but I couldn't tell about Roy's.  Hopefully they can both make a return this season, but if not, mad props to both of them on a truly dominant season. 

3) Tech's O-line was really really, really good. I know our d-line was banged up and tired, and there were definitely some missed holding calls in there, but all in all,  there offensive line was a brick wall in pass protection, and opened holes when they needed to run.  I didn't realize how massive their line was until they showed their stats, and those behemoths can play. In my opinion, the best line we've played all year.

4) But seriously though, did the Big XII remove offensive holding from the rule book?

5) That Malcom Williams sure is starting to look like another Williams that wore the burnt orange.  This freshman/red shirt freshman reciever corps is going to be magic in the next two years.

6) Wait, seriously, you threw 53 passes and you never held once?  Sorry, I'm really done now.

7) We should have unveiled the Fozz earlier.

8) As devastating as this loss was, we fought hard, and made a respectable statement in the end.  This team has a grit about them that I can't recall ever seeing in my years of Texas fandom.

9) Don't be too hard on the young secondary over this outcome.  We had two legitimate chances to end this game on the last two plays of the game, but we didn't. End of story.  We lost as a team, and shouldn't have let it get as close as it did in the end (Cliche much?, it's true though and you know it!).

 10) As much as it hurts, I think I should congratulate Tech on a great game.  You throw tortillas, and rush the field too early, but you are a legit top ten team (this year).  Seriously though you're king in the castle now in the Big XII (and the Nation?), ride it as long as you can.

10 + 1) Don't give up hope yet BON faithful. We still have an excellent chance of playing in the Big XII championship, and with a little luck, we will rise to be in contention for the BCS title game once again.

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