Bevo's Daily Roundup 11.21.08





Positive affirmation for the day: Sooners, you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, we like you.  Go Sooners. Beat Tech.

[Note by dimecoverage, 11/21/08 8:25 AM PST- Peter and Dr. Saturday have now ruined the positive affirmation for the Sooners. It seems we have no chance, even if OU beats Tech.]

What will the Longhorns be doing Saturday night?

To the folks inside the Texas Longhorns’ locker room, Saturday’s game between No. 2 Texas Tech and No. 5 Oklahoma qualifies as must-see TV.

"I think every player on this team will be watching that game," said quarterback Colt McCoy. With good reason.

Will Muschamp gives Roddrick Muckleroy nightmares. Luckily, the new deal with the DC aleviates any cold sweats for DeLoss Dodds.

To Dodds, the likely source of his cold-sweat moments was not the thought of Muschamp coming after him, but of Mack Brown’s heir apparent slipping away.

So Dodds did something about it Tuesday, and proved once again that a $100-million-per-year athletic budget can buy more than just a lifetime supply of Ambien. By naming Muschamp as Brown’s eventual successor and rewarding him with a pay raise that will put the defensive coordinator’s salary close to that of an average head coach, UT staved off several potential sources of restlessness.

Everyone seems to be planning Mack Brown's retirement except Mack Brown.

The Aggies insist that the 2006 hit on Colt McCoy was legit.

Hey, it was nothing personal, Texas A&M's Michael Bennett insists.

"The end result was I wasn't trying to hurt him. I was just trying to play hard."



Texas is in the hunt for the national championship. No, we are not talking football right now.

Rick Barnes, the men's basketball coach, is not buying into the theory that Texas is strictly a football school.

"You're only a football school if you don't devote resources to any other sport,'' Barnes said. "Our AD Deloss Dodds gives us — and every other sport on campus — the resources to compete for a national championship.''

ESPN's Dana O'Neil says that recruiters struggle with legal but unethical issues.

Guided by the security that no foul equates to no harm, coaches are pretzel-bending the NCAA bylaws, using a wink and Cheshire cat grin to trample and shred the original intent of the rulebook.

"Instead of having a really good skill instructor on your staff, you're better off with a lawyer who can parse the rulebook," Saint Joseph's coach Phil Martelli said. "You need someone who can say, 'I got it. Eureka! I got the loophole.'"



A&M's student newspaper, The Battalion, is giving advice to AD Bill Bryne. The Aggies seem to be just a tad bit jealous at UT's over-abundance of coaching talent.

However, in Aggieland, Sherman must be wondering how much time he has remaining on his clock, despite his seven-year contract for $1.8 million a year. Though Sherman's team is not the worst in A&M history, it ranks near the bottom. I'm all for giving him a chance, but lines need to be drawn before the losses get out of hand, if they have not already.

Byrne should take notes on Texas' choices, if not his own choices he made when hiring coaches for non-football sports.

First, hire a solid assistant from somewhere farther away than 90 miles. Then, announce him as Sherman' successor and ultimately buy out Sherman's contract.

If the newspaper wants Byrne to take them seriously, quoting George Jetson is just not the way to go.

Baylor has passed that proverbial torch to A&M. Now the Aggies are the doormat of the Big 12 South. A Baylor fan passes along some key tips about how to act the part. There is some good news, though. Change may be coming for the hapless Aggies.

The Fightin' Farmers are playing war again. Col. David Thompson, the rear-detachment commander for the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, was invited to speak with Texas A&M football players. The players will wear the Div.'s unit patch on their uniforms during the Texas game Thanksgiving Day. 

The NCAA's career passing efficiency ratings are very interesting. No.1, Sam Bradford, Oklahoma. No.2, Tim Tebow, Florida. No.3 Joe Ganz, Nebraska. Yes, Joe Ganz. Colt McCoy comes in at No.5.

What causes Bob Stoops to break into a cold sweat at night? It has to be OU's special teams play. If all else fails, they can fake it.

Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has nothing but respect for the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

When told that Texas Tech's 323-pound-per-man offensive line is the biggest in college football, Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy didn't seem overly worried or concerned.

The challenge of checking the mammoth Red Raider offensive front prompted a matter-of-fact response brimming with confidence from McCoy.

"They've got a big line, so what?" McCoy said. "We've got to go out and play. We're not worried about their size. They are good, but we're not intimidated by that."

Great. Do the Raiders need any more motivation this weekend?


The Raiders have more at stake than just the Big 12 title and a possible national championship riding on Saturday's game.

Nevertheless, even in a game brimming with national championship implications, it's become personal because there's history between the coaches, and that dynamic is always tricky.

Plus, let's not forget this is all new to Tech, which is struggling to capture respect nationally. At Oklahoma, it's a birthright.

Saturday night is about acceptance, and the Red Raiders have been in a similar spot for virtually the past month.

Tech's secondary is absolutely confident it can handle whatever the Sooners throw their way.

The point is that, with or without Bradford in the OU lineup, Tech defensive backs feel capable of handling the challenge because they’ve stymied other elite passers well enough to be 10-0. The record suggests they are no fluke, although most neutral observers seem to favor the OU passing game in this matchup. Darcel McBath likes the perceived slight.

"Yep," McBath said. "Even if they were giving us some respect, we’d still make up something in our heads to keep us motivated. We’re trying to stay motivated and play with a chip on our shoulder. That’s how we become the best team we can be."

Remember Tech's safety Daniel Charbonne? Well, he has a brother.

A beach boy named Elvis and four farm-grown kids work in concert to make up Missouri's offensive line. Chase Daniel's blockers are athletic, smart and consistent.

"I know there are good offensive linemen in big cities, too,'' said Dave Christensen, Missouri's offensive coordinator and line coach. "But there is something about kids from small towns. They tend to come from more of a blue-collar background, and they're not afraid to work. That's what you like in a player.''

Missouri clinched the Big 12 North title with their win over Iowa State. At least their division has some closure.


UT safety Blake Gideon makes a hit in the Texas-Colorado game.

More Darrell Scott drama. He addresses rumors that he might transfer.

"I don't know what those people are talking about," Scott said. "Whatever they're talking about, it's bull. If I wasn't going to be here, I wouldn't have decided to come to Colorado. It's as simple as that. I'm here." discusses what went wrong this year for Kansas. Quarterback Todd Reesing is a tough competitor and gives it all he has every single play of every game.

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini this season compared Reesing to likely NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre because "he's all over the place, a competitor.''

"Todd's a gamer,'' center Ryan Cantrell said. "He's going to give it everything he has on every single play.''

Dr. Saturday has the craziest Big 12 scenario yet, or so he thinks. If Missouri wins the title game and two Big 12 schools occupy the No.1 and No.2 spot in the polls, then three conference schools could receive BCS bowl bids.

It is silly season in the merry-go-round known as coaching transition.


'Round The Blogs

Barking Carnival's EyesOfTX tries to cope with rooting for OU.

RockMNation has Part Four of the Missouri-Kansas rivalry.

Every Day Should Be Saturday took a look at the possibility of gold uniforms for Missouri. It is unanimous: Missouri will end up on the Worst Dressed List in those hideous things.

DoubleTNation has five reasons Tech will lose to Oklahoma.

Corn Nation has one of those great animated drive charts for the Nebraska-Kansas State game. Why don't we have any of those?

Kansas State has a controversy brewing. Bring On The Cats discusses the university's band and how it is funded.

Maizenbrew, a Michigan blog, asks where has civility gone in college football?




The BCS makes for some very strange bedfellows.

Don't ask the so-called experts at the BCS to explain the math used to compile the rankings.

It's a system made for mathematicians. Administrators of the BCS don't even know the math used by the men who each week spit out rankings that comprise one-third of the BCS formula.

Now don't you feel better about this whole BCS situation?

The Cotton Bowl will have a swanky new home and bowl officials want the BCS to take a second look at them if and when changes come.

Are you interested in learning how the new 40/25 second clock rules impact the game? Here is your official guide.

Jumping into the competitive spirit of college football, Coldwell Banker ranks the most expensive and affordable college towns across America. Even though Lubbock ranks as No.11 on the most affordable towns list, most of us would pass on living in "The Hub".

A pirate king and now this. A Lubbock illusion artist believes he can predict Raider final scores through a trick.




Following the gravy train of college sports... money.

According to The Sports Economist, university athletic departments practice ticket price discrimination. Somehow this does not come as a surprise.


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