Some details on the (computer) polls

We all know by now that our lead in the computers is .06.  I thought I'd break it out, poll by poll, to see what we're really working with.  I'm sure PB and others have copious amounts of data and analysis en route, but here is a (hopefully) good primer on each of the polls and our lead/deficit.  For my conclusion as to probable change in each poll, I'm assuming all favorites hold serve, which is the only way any of this matters anyway.  If you haven't seen it yet, the BCS site has a nice lil PDF with all the computer rankings shown individually.  Linky



Alabama 10.173

Texas 10.128

Tech 9.889

OU (sucks) 9.888

Conclusion:  OU (sucks) picks up at least one point here next week.


Billingsley (Billyzane's BFF)

Alabama 320.349

OU (sucks) 314.425

Texas 311.780

Tech 309.763

Conclusion:  Probably stays as is, too much ground for OU to make up on Bama, and Tech is not passing us with Baylor.


Anderson & Hester

Alabama .819

Utah .805

Texas .803

OU (sucks) .786

Tech .785

Conclusion:  A little hope here, as we have a substantial lead over OU (sucks), and are oh so close to Utah.  I'm gonna (wistfully) say that we pick up a point here.


Jeff Sagarin

Texas 93.53

Tech 92.59

Alabama 92.38

OU (sucks) 92.32

Conclusion:  He's our buddy now, but I think he's going to hurt us next week.  I think OU (sucks) picks up 2 points here, jumping Bama and Tech.



Texas .9446

Alabama .9160

Utah .9058

Florida .9021

OU (sucks) .8939

Conclusion:  Incomplete.  Although, since the highest and lowest computer rankings are tossed, I think he may be tossed from both Texas and OU's standings, as he is this week.

UPDATE:  OU should be far enough out that they can't pass Utah.  As long as they don't move into third, Colley is still a throw out.



Is as lazy as Colley, and has not updated his site either.  Here are his rankings, per the BCS site.

OU (sucks) 2.56

Texas 2.532

Tech 2.513

Alabama 2.508

Conclusion:  Incomplete.  Hard to see any change here though.  I'll say that this one stays as is.

UPDATE: No change will be occcuring here, and Massey would be thrown out for OU, as he gives them their sole number 1 ranking.


Add 'em up!

Thrown out, Texas:  Colley (1st), Billingsley (3rd)

Thrown out, OU:  Massey (1st), Colley (4th)

OU (sucks) nets a +.02 in the computers.  If the polls hold as is (I know, I know) here is what you would get in the BCS...

Texas:  .9242

OU (sucks): .9225

but, if we don't pick up one in Anderson & Hester, then we drop to 

Texas:  .92086667

and OU (sucks) stays at .9225, and the land thieves are in KC.  Basically, just root against anyone that Utah played.  Game of inches indeed.

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