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The Muschamp deal gives us continuity after Mack Brown's retirement. But does this have any impact on recruiting?

"That definitely elevates them. Everyone was thinking he was going to leave for another job," said Dre Kirkpatrick, five-star cornerback , who talked to Muschamp on Tuesday. "For him to call me and tell me he isn't going anywhere and Texas is going to be his next coaching job, that was good to hear."

Of course Bob Stoops believes OU should be ranked higher than UT.

"The logic of whether to put us in front of Texas? If you can't do that because they beat us, then you've got to keep Texas Tech in front of Texas. What's logical for one is logical for the other," Stoops said after Oklahoma's 65-21 victory against Texas Tech Saturday night.

At least someone is on our side.

UT is ranked No.2 in the BCS standings... for now.

Texas plays Texas A&M (4-7) on Thanksgiving, a game that will weigh down the Longhorns' strength of schedule -- a vital part of the computer ratings -- and won't give voters much reason to move them up.

"I don't think this week was good news for Texas," Jerry Palm, an independent BCS analyst, said of Sunday's standings. "Oklahoma can only get better in all three parts of the formula and Texas can't.

"I would expect if Oklahoma wins next week they'd finish ahead of Texas."

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram's Ray Buck believes the best match-up for the national championship is Florida-Texas.

Texas and Florida — Nos. 2 and 4 in the latest BCS rankings — would be a championship game worth the hype.

Each side can claim a national title in the past three years. Each side can claim a so-called Heisman Trophy front-runner: QB Colt McCoy (Texas) and QB Tim Tebow (Florida), who won it last year.



The Aggies


We plan to see a lot of this on Thursday. AP Photo/ David J. Phillip

From our favorite Aggie defensive end, Michael Bennett. Texas fans let him know what they thought of the hit on Colt McCoy.

Bennett, a Texas A&M senior defensive end, said he heard from Texas fans in the aftermath of his controversial hit against the UT quarterback.

"They sent me dirty e-mails," Bennett said. "They still send me dirty e-mails saying, ‘Don't hit Colt this year.'"

BDR would like to go on record and say that we could never believe that Bennett would purposely do anything of the sort, such as late hits or fighting. He has absolutely no history of this at all.

Michael Bennett has a brother, Martellus Bennett. Remember him? He had some things to say, as well.

"We're going to beat Texas, though," Martellus Bennett said. "It's going to be an upset. The score's going to be 27-24. Aggies win. We always beat Texas. It wouldn't be an upset. Well, maybe this year it would be. But we expect to beat Texas, the yellow bellies.

"My brother [Michael Bennett] knocked McCoy out a while back and we call him Cart McCoy now."

As for whether the hit was legal, Bennett said: "That's legal. Very legal. Colt McCoy, or Cart McCoy, is a pretty good player. But hopefully my brother gets some more hits on him."

Great family. I bet their parents are proud.

The A&M defense is a work in progress. This season the Aggies rank 100th or worse in five defensive categories: total defense (111th), rushing defense (111th), scoring defense (110th), sacks (102nd) and pass efficiency defense (100th). When Joe Kines, defensive coordinator, was asked about his future he said, "I don’t buy green bananas."

So, who will start at quarterback for the Aggies? Jerrod Johnson seems to be favorite at this point. He has led the team through some serious losses and produced some costly turnovers.

"I have confidence in what the coaches are doing and confidence in my abilities and what I can do," the sophomore from Humble said. "I really can’t worry about if they’re going to keep me in or pull me."


Interesting quotes...

  • "I think he just gets a little spooked sometimes, I don't know," Texas A&M defensive end Michael Bennett, who told the San Antonio Express-News that Colt McCoy can be rattled with heavy pressure.
  • "I liken myself to John McCain at an (Barack) Obama pep rally." Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman, after appearing at a A&M-Texas luncheon in Houston heavily packed with Longhorn partisans.




The Big 12 Conference was the winner during the early signing period. Texas ranks No.2 nationally behind North Carolina.

More national championship talk. The Chicago Sun-Times believes the Horns will be in the Final Four.


The Big 12

Missouri pulled an upset this weekend when they beat No.20 USC.

Someone to watch. Baylor's Quincy Acy was 5 of 5 from the field, scoring 15 points in the Bears’ 85-43 victory over Southern on Saturday. But there is more. He was also 7 of 7 against Centenary and 6 for 6 against Paul Quinn, going 18 without a miss.





The train wreck that was Graham Harrell vs. the OU defense. AP Photo

Mike Leach knows why the Raiders lost and he explains it in typical Leach style:

"The thing is, when you play somebody that good, you've got to play in control. We did against Texas. We did against Oklahoma State. We didn't against Oklahoma, and I regret that.

"I'm going to search why we were too geeked up."

The Houston Chronicle's Richard Justice writes about why Leach should stay at Tech.

Leach is football at Texas Tech. He can retire there. He can roller-blade to his office, wear flip-flops to practice and spend six weeks every summer studying Geronimo.

He’ll be amazed at how quickly those things become an annoyance when the Vols lose to Alabama or, heaven forbid, Vanderbilt. What was iconic and interesting in Lubbock could be seen as a needless distraction someplace else. It’s Leach’s oddball, stream-of-consciousness personality that put off University of Miami officials two years ago.

Mike Leach does not plan to leave. Or so he says.

Texas Tech's kicker Matt Williams is living every boy's dream. He was plucked from obscurity and sent in to win the big one. Well, Saturday wasn't exactly the storybook season ending he could hope for, but he did get in a few extra points against the Sooners.

Do you think Tech is now out of the running for the conference champion? Think again. What about the national championship?

Tech would hold the head-to-head tiebreaker on Texas and have a chance to impress voters against Missouri in the Big 12 championship game.

"I think 12-1 Texas Tech, if they get to that point – and obviously they need help – but if they get to that point, they're a strong national championship contender," analyst Jerry Palm of said.

Bob Stoops asked the OU fans for more crowd noise and he got it. Tech quarterback Graham Harrell had trouble changing plays at the line of scrimmage and the Raiders were cited for consecutive penalties for delay of game and a false start.

What was Oklahoma's great defensive idea that annihilated the Raiders offensive machine? One word: simplicity.

Brent Venables, whose defense has been the target of immense criticism this season, revealed a surprising strategy.

"Probably the simplest game plan we’ve had against Texas Tech since we’ve been here," he said. "Just incredibly proud of their effort and attitude."

"I felt our guys were locked in and were extremely well prepared. Everyone played within the confines of the defense. And played with great effort, with a great sense of purpose and turned it loose."

OU's impressive rout of Tech still did not get them past UT in the BCS standings. So what do they need to do?

Oklahoma was in third place in the BCS standings Sunday, eight hundredths of a point behind the second-place Longhorns, and will need to make up ground in the final week of the regular season.

That's where Oklahoma State comes in. While the Sooners (10-1, 6-1 Big 12) are trying to pass the Longhorns, they'll have to make their case against No. 11 Oklahoma State (9-2, 5-2) in the Bedlam rivalry game Saturday night in Stillwater.

Big Game Bob has just redeemed his reputation, at least in the Big 12. When it comes to bowl games... we will just have to see.

Ron Prince's coaching career at Kansas State came to an end on Saturday as the Wildcats defeated Iowa State, 38-30.

And just in case you have forgotten the tie-breaking process of the Big 12, here it is.


'Round The Blogs

Let the flame wars begin.


First up, I Am The 12th Man. Beergut takes issue with Texas fans, referencing the Statesman article about Michael Bennett.

This article made me laugh and cringe at the same time. How can texas fans continue to be so pathetic? They're still angry about the Michael Bennett hit? Worse yet, they've sent him emails about it.

Crimson and Cream Machine makes the case that OU should be ranked higher than UT. Someone needs to justify this travesty of justice.

Barking Carnival's Huckleberry has a BCS analysis.

We are currently #1 in those ratings and Oklahoma is #4. However, we are only ahead by 1.21 points in that ratings set. Oklahoma is now at 92.32 after being at 87.47 before beating Tech. Oklahoma State, meanwhile, is #6 in the ratings at 87.07 while Texas A&M is 89th at 66.13 points. While I previously predicted that we would hold a one slot advantage over Oklahoma after next week’s games, it now seems highly probable that we will be faced with a one slot deficit instead.

DoubleTNation has a recap of the Tech-OU game.

Bring On The Cats addresses an inappropriate marketing ploy by the KSU Athletic Department for last week's game against Iowa State.

The Wiz of Odds asks everyone not to buy into the idea that the SEC is the best conference this year.




BCS- Beyond Common Sense

After 103 years, Einstein's formula, e=mc2, has finally been corroborated. Sporting News' Spencer Hall has his own theory about the BCS formula. If Einstein was finally proven correct, why not Hall's theory of BCS chaos?

CBSSports' Dennis Dodd thinks coaches should stay out of the BCS process.

The coaches should have nothing to do with the selection process. It stunk from the moment American Football Coaches executive director Grant Teaff unveiled the coaches' involvement in the BCS in the summer of 1998 at a downtown Chicago hotel.

We questioned then why the coaches would have a hand in awarding themselves and their schools millions in bowl money -- and the ancillary contract raises and bonuses that go with it. We should question it now.

President-Elect Obama wants to spread the wealth again by supporting a college football play-off. There are some people that like things just as they are.

Four Congressmen will reintroduce a bill to strike down major college football's postseason system. A six-page letter and fact sheet was sent to President-Elect Barak Obama.

Ohio State plays the waiting game. They are headed for a bowl game, they just have no idea which one.

Ohio State could receive an at-large berth into one of the other three -- Sugar, Orange, Fiesta -- BCS bowl games. That will be determined by how the remaining games -- particularly the Big 12 and Southeastern Conference championship games -- play out.

There is another unbeaten team in the nation besides Alabama. Utah will get an invitation to a BCS bowl, but they will not get to play for the national championship.

But what they are is undefeated after rolling through a better-than-you-think Mountain West Conference, and their reward is that maybe the suits at the Sugar Bowl will let them play the loser of Florida-Alabama. Put another way, the moment this season started the Utes had no chance to win the national championship regardless of what they did between Aug. 30 and Nov. 22, meaning they were told to reach for the sky ... but just not too high.


The Coaching Carousel


It is being reported that Bill Snyder has indeed been hired as the head coach at Kansas State.

Wyoming fired head coach Joe Glenn after the team had their fourth losing season in his six years at the school. Nebraska receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Ted Gilmore reportedly will interview for the job.

San Diego State fires coach Chuck Long.

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood will interview at the University of Washington.


Other Stuff


College Game Day sign. The Wiz of Odds.

ESPN's College Game Day has spent a lot of time in the Big 12 South the last part of the season.

"The epicenter of the sport has been the Big 12 South," Chris Fowler, a 1985 Colorado graduate, said while relaxing in the show’s bus after Saturday morning’s show from the John Jacobs Track. "You’ve never had a better quarterback year in any conference, ever. It’s been a lot of fun."

College Game Day will be in Stillwater next week.

State Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland proposed that Oklahomans without health insurance could lose their driver's licenses, state income tax deductions and even their college football season tickets. Needless to say, people were outraged. Holland later said that it was not meant to be taken seriously. She should know not to joke about something like that.

A trip down memory lane. The Austin American Statesman looks at five games that were the most prominent and memorable in UT history but didn't involve the Longhorns.

The Aggie Report is back with a Mack Brown recruiting video.

Now for a good laugh. This is a real UT recruiting video from 1989. And how did we do that season? Not so well.




Following the gravy train of college sports... money.

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel and the university are close to agreeing on a contract extension worth $1.85 million per year through 2012.

In agreeing to a four-year deal in which ESPN will pay the BCS $125-million annually to televise the BCS national championship games starting in 2011, the BCS committee has once again undersold the postseason.

Oklahoma State's ticket policy has increased season ticket sales, but angered many fans. Ticket prices have soared and donors have seen a big increase to keep the seats they have. The justification from OSU AD Mike Holder?

"But it’s necessary. It’s unrealistic to expect us to achieve at the highest level with our sports programs, in this very competitive conference, if your budget ranks 10th. There’s a reason that the University of Texas wins more conference championships than everyone else."

OSU’s 2008-09 athletic budget is, Holder said, "around $45 million. Texas’ is $127 million."

So, it's our fault you raised ticket prices?


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