QB Gametime and running up the score. OU vs TX

I see it being brought up that Bob runs up the score, and that Mack is super classy, and while I dont disagree with either assessment, I thought it would be a good idea to actually get into the numbers of this season, and to see what we are looking at.

First, all the data was collected from ESPN, to the best of my ability.  The time left in the game is representative of when the first offensive series started without the starting QB playing.   Its my assertion that you usually see second team offense before you see second team defense, and that calling off the O is a better indicator of running up the score or not.  Whether you agree with these assumptions or not, they are how I gathered my data, and I was consistant for each school.


First, lets look in the mirror, and see what Texas has done this year.

A brief explanation.  The first column is at what time I determined they left the field (time left in the game), the second column is that number fixed to a base 10 decimal in minutes (ie against UTEP Colt played for 50 minutes 37 seconds, or 50.62 minutes).  Points scored is how many were on the board when the starter left followed by what the lead was at the time.  Then comes final score, final margin of victory, and then the difference between those numbers.

On the bottom, we have a full average (every game), not full (only the games where less than 60 minutes were played) and then a 6 minute break point (only the games where the QB didnt start a drive with more than 6 minutes, or two possible offensive drives, hereunto called the meaningful games).

As you can see, we increased our point total after pulling Colt on 5 games, but in only two of these games did we increase our margin of victory.  Against BU we gave up MOV points, and CU scored while we didnt.

Colt was meaningfully pulled (6 min row) with an average of 11:45 to go in the fourth, and a 31 point lead.  On average in those games, we scored 5.4 more points, and increased our MOV by 1.4 before time expired.


Now lets look at OU's numbers:



OU scored in only 2 games after pulling Bradford, only once increasing their MOV.  In 5 games, their MOV went down after taking Sam out.

If we use the same 6 min row, we see that Sam left basically at the start of the 4th, with a lead of 45 points, at which point the Sooners averaged an additional 2.8 points, while decreasing their MOV by 2.8.

I included a 4 min row here, in case people call my 6 minute point into question.


So what conclusions are to be drawn?  Well, at first glance you could say that Bob runs it up, as he only takes Sam out when they have a lead of roughly 45 points. However, I would like to counteract that argument with the following points.


  1. Its my beleif, that you are always entitled to three quarters of football.  I cant really find fault in letting your starting team play 75% of the game, no matter the score.  The data indicates that when meaningfully pulled, Sam has averaged only 3 quarters of play.  That would negate the lead argument in my eyes.
  2. The utter lack of scoring after Sam has been pulled.  OU has had more time without Sam than we have without Colt, however they have scored less, and given up more.  That is not indicitive of someone who is running up the score.

That said, I would also mitigate those points with these points:

  1. Its quite possible that Mack simply has a superior second unit on both sides of the ball.  Neither team has excessive numbers after the QB has been pulled, the excuse for Texas' greater averages could just be the result talent or preparation.
  2. The average lead being lower for Texas could also be an indicator in faith in the defensive unit, or Bob's lack thereof.  4 meaningful games for Texas COlt was pulled with a lead in the high 20s, while Bradford was not pulled from a meaningful game without a lead in the 40s.

At any rate the final conclusion that I draw is that there is no conclusion.  If you are in agreement that any team should be allowed to play for 3 quarters, then you should also agree that Bob has not run up the score this year.  His starting QB has been pulled across the board fairly appropriately, and he failed to score afterwards.


Feel free to review and draw any other conclusions that I missed.

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