Bevo's Daily Roundup 11.04.08



"The rule about bears is their unpredictability." - Anonymous

The Game

The Longhorns have to regroup after the loss to Tech. Brown expects that this week will be one of the toughest of the season.

"We’d better not worry about the national stuff," Brown said. "We have to quit pouting … So much talk has been about the end (of the season), I told them ‘You all have been the college football darlings the last three weeks, now let’s get back to work."’

He not only has to massage bruised egos and heal wounded bodies, but keep his team sharp against an improving Baylor team that nearly upset No. 13 Missouri last weekend. Two key players who were hurt against Texas Tech, defensive end Brian Orakpo (knee) and wide receiver Quan Cosby (back) will be evaluated this week to see if they can play against Baylor.

"We’re emotionally down and physically down," Brown said. "Baylor will be pumped."

The Texas coaching staff has sent some game tape to the Big 12 office, calls they felt did not go our way.

"We'll send the appropriate clips along," Brown said, later declining to tell reporters how many calls would be considered.

Tech was not flagged for a holding call in the Texas game. The Red Raiders came into the game leading the Big 12 in most penalty yards.

Robert Griffin, Baylor's QB, is not just respected for his athletic ability, but his toughness, as well. And has anyone mentioned that he is fast?

And just in case you think Baylor will be an easy game, scroll down to the Quick Notes. The Bears have some talented players and they will be ready for Texas.




Once again, The Eyes of Texas and the nation are on Lubbock.

The Rest of the Big 12

Our loss to Tech made the Sooners very happy Saturday night. We would like to be just as happy in a couple of weeks as OU takes on the Raiders. Did you ever imagine a scenario when you would be happily humming Boomer Sooner?

OU's Auston English will be out three weeks after injuring his leg. This is not good news. We need English healthy for the Tech game.

Mike Gundy knows what is at stake in the game on Saturday. Besides the larger issue of the division title race, the Cowboys haven't won in Lubbock since 1944.

"I wasn’t even aware of that, 1944, huh?" Gundy said. "There’s a lot on the line. We’re playing in big games now in the national spotlight that there will be enough motivation for them. I don’t know those things intrigue them that much."

After the Raider's victory over Texas, Mike Leech stood in a hallway talking to reporters. Was he talking about the last few seconds of the game? No.

Instead of talking about Michael Crabtree’s last-second touchdown in the Red Raiders’ 39-33 victory or their place in the Bowl Championship Series standings, Leach, who was reading "The Wicked Wit of Winston Churchill," began quoting Churchill.

Asked about the book, Leach enthusiastically recited an exchange between Churchill and Nancy Astor, the first woman to sit in the English House of Commons. "She says, ‘If you were my husband, I’d poison your tea,’ " Leach said. "He says, ‘And if you were my wife, I would drink it.’ "

The moment will go down as classic Leach, another chapter in the odd journey that has taken him from law school to the football hinterlands to the top of the college football world.

Texas Tech in the hunt for the big one? Dennis Dodd seems to think so.

Mike Leech once said that he does not like computers. I bet he likes them now.

At least we have given Tech something to remember. Enjoy it Raiders. History will not repeat itself.

In case there is a tie in the Big 12 South, the Dallas Morning News has the tiebreaker rules.

According to Big 12 rules, if two teams within a division are tied for first place at the end of the regular season, the winner of the game between the two tied teams shall determine who wins the division and plays in the Big 12 title game. If three or more teams are tied, there are seven steps to be followed until a determination is made.

The seven steps are in the article. You might want some aspirin nearby.

The Big 12 has announced game times for the weekend. ESPN has the television line up.




Lincoln Journal Star

'Round the Big 12 Blogs

The Ralphie Report writes about Von Miller's horse collar tackle that caused Rodney Stewart to break his leg. Did someone on A&M's staff neglect to tell Miller that tackle is now illegal? Some of the posters over at TexAgs are not happy about Miller being called out in the press.

Corn Nation muses about the passionate Pelini.

What does Barak Obama and the Kansas Jayhawks have in common? Rock Chalk Talk lets you know.

Bring On The Cats guest writer wants Kansas State to fold the entire athletic department. Yes, the whole department. has come out with a new drug, ViAggieRa and they are hosting an audition for the role of Mike Leech.

Barking Carnival offers a post mortem on the Tech game.





Other Stuff

Jackie Sherrill, Texas A&M coach from 1982-1988, came up with the idea for the non-scholarship 12th Man team for kick-offs. Now Sherill has written a book about the 12th Man tradition. (Proceeds will go to the 12th Man Foundation.) Sherrill was asked to resign after A&M was put under probation for violations during the coach's tenure. Now he is writing a book and Aggies think he is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Aggies have short memories.

Now for a story about a head coach that gives his time for a wonderful cause.

“If a guy like that with so much responsibility and such a busy schedule can still make time to go and visit, encourage and help some little kids (who don’t even know Bob Stoops or what in the world an Oklahoma Sooner is), then anybody can make time to do it.”

There is an officiating crisis looming across the country at the middle and high school junior varsity levels. Interested in becoming a referee? Here's a quiz.

It seems a Sooner came up with a new fight song for Oklahoma State last year. This year OU may be whistling a new tune.

Rumors. Ron Prince has struggled at Kansas State and the Lawrence Journal World is reporting that he may be out at the end of the season.




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