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Very briefly, I'm just wondering a few things about the brains (or lack thereof) of the voters in the human polls.

-Someone mind telling me why the humans continue to love USC?  Let us look at their resume:

1.  Whipped Ohio State.  While impressive, it should be noted that Ohio State simply wasn't very good at this point in the season.  They barely beat Ohio, for crying out loud.  They've rebounded with Pryor, but this game was before that.

2.  Whipped bad Pac-10 teams.  Congratulations on beating scrubs...

3.  ...except Oregon State, who was unranked.  And are still unranked.  And got thrashed by Penn State.

I am still waiting in vain for someone to give me a good argument as to why USC deserves to have the love of the human voters.  I know the reason already:  The media loves them and doesn't want to be wrong.  USC is one of the most talented teams in the country, without a doubt.  That doesn't mean they deserve such bias, and just having better talent on paper doesn't mean we should excuse bad losses like that.

-Florida has a lot better resume than USC, but they too lost to an unranked team.  At home in the Swamp.  That is not good.  Their wins against Georgia and LSU are impressive, at the least (although you can argue both teams are overrated), which should definitely put them ahead of the Trojans in any rational person's mind.

-On other hand, Oklahoma's only loss is in classic game against Texas.  Oklahoma State's only loss is to Texas in Austin.  Texas' only loss is to Texas Tech in Lubbock, after a very brutal stretch and in a game where the Horns were clearly banged up and out of sync (and still nearly stole).  Tech is undefeated and even if they lose their next two, they'd be to OSU and OU, who are both top ten teams.  I think the Big 12 has proven their worth this year.

-Alabama is undefeated and thus deserves the #1 ranking, but even their resume isn't as dazzling as SEC people want us to believe.  They pounced on Georgia, but Georgia also lost big to Florida.  They beat a #9 Clemson team that clearly did not deserve that preseason ranking at all (they didn't deserve ANY ranking, apparently).  Other than that, they haven't beaten anyone of note.  They get a good chance against LSU.

-This year, the BCS should just include Big 12 teams, SEC teams, Penn State, and USC (and an undefeated Utah or Boise State).  The other conferences are trash and it's embarrassing for college football.  The BCS should get rid of that stupid two team limit per conference rule.  Sorry, Big East fans, but while I tried to defend your conference as Louisville and WVU came to the forefront the last two years... it's hard to continue to do so now.  Petrino and Rodriguez may be hated (I particularly dislike Petrino), but it's no question they brought a level of legitimacy to that conference.

-The Big 10 should stop being pansies.  Either add a freakin' championship game or do what the Pac-10 does and play every single team in your conference every year.  Otherwise, shut the crap up about that long layoff time to the bowl games.  Before our brutal stretch, I compared our schedule to Penn State's, and all I could think was, "This is incredibly and stupidly unfair."  Remember, even if we win out and make it to the Big 12 title game, we still have to play either Kansas or Missouri, both good teams who would like nothing more than to have revenge and spoil our season.

-I think even with the current BCS mindset used within a playoff, there'd be monstrous controversy this year, maybe even more so if we didn't have a playoff.  Who the heck would want to see the Big East champion and the ACC champion get in this tournament over some SEC or Big 12 teams?

-Basically... the human voters are morons.  Now I should go study.

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