Bevo's Daily Roundup 11.06.08



"There is no such thing as defeat except when it comes from within. As long as a person doesn't admit he is defeated, he is not defeated-he's just a little behind and isn't through fighting." -- Darrell K. Royal


The Game

The Bears are feeling very good about their progress and they are looking for respect this Saturday.

Bobbi Roquemore of the Dallas Morning News feel the Horns have a less than stellar pass defense. The defense has been spending time considering the loss.

The images of Gideon losing a potential game-ending interception and Crabtree eluding Thomas and sophomore cornerback Curtis Brown for the winning score are only burned into the consciousness because of when they occurred.

Mack Brown provides some insights into the emotional state of the team.

"We're emotionally down, and physically down. We're going to have to do our best job of coaching this week, and get back to work. I think everybody feels really guilty that they didn't do their job to help somebody else. That's what's so tough about it. It's not finger-pointing. It was a group effort."

Missouri was impressed with Robert Griffin.

"That quarterback is something else," said Mizzou's own QB Chase Daniel, who threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns.

If Mack Brown is looking for inspirational ideas, look no further than Grant Teaff.



The Big 12 Corral

Mike Leach vs. Mike Gundy. This game is a sports writer's dream.

"I'm 47, I still haven't made man," Leach said in response to a question about Gundy's emotional blast. "Everybody's got their tirades. We're all in glass houses, so you may throw little stones, but not very big ones."

Matt Hayes over at Sporting News discusses why Oklahoma can beat Tech. Yes, but can Oklahoma State beat them first?

Some of the Sooner faithful want Stoops back. Mike Stoops.

Graham Harrell is still excited about beating No.1 Texas and found relatives that he did not know he had. He had better hope they don't start asking for money.

Tech is thinking about the OSU game, but Tech offensive line coach Matt Moore had some thoughts on the Stephen Hamby vs. Roy Miller match-up in last week's game.

"It’s good to see a walk-on against the No. 1 defensive lineman in the nation coming out of high school. Hamby definitely held his own. He didn’t by any many means just manhandle the guy, but (Miller) didn’t make many plays."

Zac Robinson may not have the same blazing stats as the other quarterbacks in the Big 12 South, but that does not mean that he is any less effective.

Back-to-back wins have given Texas A&M hope and they are ready for their game with the Sooners. They are looking for an upset.

"We have a chance this week to play a very, very good opponent that is a Top 5 team and one of the best ones I've seen on tape this year," Sherman said. "This would be a very special moment if we could beat this team. Certainly it's a formidable task, but these things do happen."

The Aggies quarterback, Jerrod Johnson, is a big reason for the upswing the latter part of the season. Defensive back Trent Hunter believes the Aggies can win three more games to become bowl eligible. Good luck with that, Trent.

The Yell Leaders are planning a maroon out for the game and as always, the forwarding-looking Aggies are reminiscing about the days of the Wrecking Crew.

Dan Hawkins believes his program is heading in the right direction and is trying to block out all the negativity.

The Kansas State coaching rumors are off and running. The first name is Oklahoma defensive coordinator, Brent Venables. Another name is Bill Snyder. Yes, that Bill Snyder.

Mack Brown addressed concern over Tech fans rushing the field.

"We're keeping media off the field, we've cut back on the number of sideline passes we have," Brown said. "We're worried more about security than any time in the history of college football, and then we allow everybody to run out there on the field before the game is over, and then we allow them to run out there and knock kids down."

In case you missed the ending of game Saturday, video is here.

Did anyone notice the length of the Texas-Tech game?

Bob Stoops has seen the light and he is on-board for a playoff.

One more article on the fight for first place in the Big 12 South.

The fight for first place in the Big 12 South Division, and therefore a berth in the conference championship game on Dec. 6 in Kansas City, is over as long as Texas Tech wins out.

But if the No. 2 Red Raiders lose at least one of their last three regular-season games - which is entirely possible considering Tech's next two games are at home against No. 9 Oklahoma State and at No. 6 Oklahoma - prepare for Bedlam.




Ron Prince out at Kansas State.

'Rounding up the Big 12 Blogs

Bring On The Cats has a link to a letter from a former Kansas State walk-on about Ron Prince and the program. The Cats want Gary Patterson back.

Rock Chalk Talk wonders if the loss to Kansas brought the end to the Ron Prince era.

Double T Nation is back with their weekly Why Tech Will Win feature. I believe when I speak for everyone when I say that we just really want to read the Why Tech Will Lose. They also have game photos. There's nothing like a trip down memory lane.

Crimson and Cream talks about the possibility of a BYU/Oklahoma game in the near future. The game may be played in Dallas.




Other Stuff is at it again. Bob Stoops attack ads

In the spirit of the election, two sports writers debate the next Tennessee coach. Of course, Will Muschamp is one of the candidates.

Another writer, obviously void of creative ideas, comes up with yet another election theme.



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