Colt's Completion Percentage Update

Well Colt has his worst game of the year completion percentage wise against Texas Tech, but even through he only completed 20 for 34 (58.8%) he is still on pace for a brush with history.

Another note to make, is that should the 7 dropped balls be completions, Colt would have gone 27 for 34 (79.4%) and been right on where he has been.  C'est la vie (shit happens if you don't speak French, or close enough anyway).

So where does Colt stand now?

Well there are 3 regular season games left, and a max potential of 5.  But first lets look at where we have been.

The Longhorns first 9 opponents have allowed an average of 60.5% completion from opposing quarterbacks.  If we take out Colt's games against them, they have allowed 58.4%  If you want to talk all around rating, the previous opponents allow an average of  132 QB rating, which seems high, and is, when you notice that Rice and UTEP combine to allow 53 TDS through the air (no one else has allowed more than 17).  If we take those two out, the other 7 teams average 126.

Colt currently stands at damn near 79.0% completion rate.  Once again, the record is 73.6%.


Assuming Colt throws as many times per game as he currently has, he will need to average 57.61% through the next three games to beat the mark for the regular season, and 64.29% through the next 5 games, to officially set the record.

The teams we have left?

They average giving up 62.7% completions, and overall QB rating of 130.


In summary, Colt is still in great shape, and overall, our passing D ahead of us is still easier than those behind us.  For as low as his stats were against Tech, Robo-Colt was mostly on target, and I dont expect us to be in that kind of environment (or first half funk - 7 for 15 in the first half, 13 for 19 in the second) again.

Colt is still headed for history, I'll check in after BU to update the numbers once again.


Side note:  Chase Daniel is on pace to break the record as well.  He is currently sitting at 77.2% completion, with his 3 final opponents allowing 61.7% completions, so its still a pretty close race with Chase.  Colt has the slight adavantage right now, but its something to keep an eye on as well.

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