Beating Texas Tech so soundly was a mistake

Almost everyone now agrees that the BCS rankings should not be the fifth tie breaker in a three way tie in the big twelve south.  In 2008 Oklahoma shares the championship in the South, and gets to move on to the big 12 championship game in Kansas City, not because of how they play football, but because of luck.

Why is this system wrong?  First, because it is influenced by other conference tie breaking yet flawed systems.  I have no problem with having a three way tie broken when the lesser of the three (Tech), is thrown out of the equation, giving Texas the win, providing that Tech was NOT thrown out because of the better play of Oklahoma!  What happened in this tie breaking political year was that OU got politically punished because they beat Tech too soundly, and Texas was rewarded (Texas had NO control of their destiny before and only political control after the Oklahoma win)!  If Oklahoma had beaten Tech by less than 10 points, then Tech would have maintained its honor as an equal combatant in an equal three way tie!

All the experts and many fans are stumbling over politics and the BCS!  Oklahoma had to play Oklahoma State in a context where the BCS/ABC/ESPN commentators were declaring that Texas should be ahead of Oklahoma because of head to head.  During the Oklahoma, Oklahoma State game Mack Brown's (coach of Texas - BCS) voice was imposed over the game drumming up votes for Texas.  Airplanes had been flying over giving a simplistic argument about how that Texas had beaten Oklahoma by ten points on a neutral field.   It was good politics, and we can’t blame Texas, because that is what the BCS is about.

If a head to head score between two of the three isn't a fair tiebreaker, then what else isn’t fair?

Home, away, or neutral game arguments are against the very manhood factor of the game of football!  .  WHERE the game is played has NEVER been considered as important as other factors such as; who won or the score or yards gained or penetrations etc.  OSU is not given even one extra point (or even yard!) because they played at Texas.  Neither does Texas get a touchdown extra to win the game at Tech.  Points and thus wins and losses matter more!  Football could not even exist if we got hung up about where every game was played!

What is fair in a 5th tiebreaker?  Wins count (playoffs are best).  Scores do count in football.  Margin of victories do count.  Oklahoma is 44, Texas is 10, and Tech is 6. This tiebreaker is rational, and it is already recognized negatively (Tech dropped further in the polls because of POINTS and what if if they had beaten Texas by 45?).   If points work negatively then why don’t they work positively for Oklahoma?   It beats the tears of politics, because it is a REAL rational logical fair measurement.  Points are something we can all agree on as being important, and especially if we know the system beforehand.  If we can’t decide by wins and losses, points ARE the next logical and FAIR standard! 

Common opponents certainly could be considered as well as a fair standard for a fifth tiebreaker.

It was a huge mistake for Oklahoma to beat Texas Tech so soundly this year because of the BCS system they were under!  It almost cost them the national championship!   If Oklahoma had not had some luck, and had the toughest Strength of Schedule rankings, their co-championship would have availed them nothing.  This is why the BCS cannot be involved in deciding tiebreakers.  The win against Texas Tech was one of Oklahoma’s greatest, but that away game squeaking by against the BCS/ESPN/ABC, may be the greatest victory by OU this year.  It may very well be the greatest win in college football history, because despite the system, the system somehow worked right.

Oklahoma has been lucky, but Texas has had its share of luck.  Texas never had control of its destiny after it lost to Tech.  Who knows with possible bad weather in Kansas City this week, Texas may be the luckiest team of all in the big 12 south.  They may play for the championship yet.



Wow, That was a weird article. Texas should be in two because not any of that paragraph but because.



1. We barely lost to tech and one of our players droped an interception on that drive.

2. 45 is more that 35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Florida lost to Ole Miss

4. Oklahoma got texas tech at home.

5. That so-called neutral field is two miles closer to OU!

Shall I say more?

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