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By Phelan M. Ebenhack, Associated Press

SI's Stewart Mandel on the Heisman ceremony.

Then there's McCoy, the once-scrawny freshman thrown into the then-unenviable task of succeeding the greatest quarterback in school history (Young) only to break all his records three years later. McCoy, too, will forever be linked in history with Bradford -- but so far, for all the wrong reasons. He's the guy who dealt Bradford his sole defeat this season yet lost out to him in the Big 12 South tiebreaker, and now, for the Heisman.

Saturday night, McCoy didn't express even the slightest hint of bitterness.

"Having an opportunity to play in the Big 12 championship, things may have turned out a little differently," he said. "But when Sam was on the big stage and he earned it. Give him credit."

"Saturday night, McCoy didn't express even the slightest hint of bitterness"... Of course not. That's the person that he is.

The Buckeyes don't seem too excited about the Fiesta Bowl.

At College Traditions, a campus-area store stuffed with Buckeye jerseys and knickknacks, owner Kelly Dawes was asked what kind of buzz the Fiesta Bowl was creating.

"There really isn't any," Dawes said. "I hate to say that. Usually at this time of the year when the bowl is announced on Sunday the phone starts ringing on Monday."

Was it something we said?

Another look at the Fiesta Bowl.


The Ohio State Buckeyes


The Heisman jinx could have worked in favor of the Buckeyes, but unfortunately for them, McCoy didn't win. OSU needs to go to Fiesta Bowl Plan B.

The enemy is watching. Eleven Warriors points out what to read to the OSU blog followers. BON was first on the list.

Be sure to check out Eleven Warriors shop. The Michigan items are entertaining. You have to like a school with that much hate for a rival.

Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis was named the winner of the 2008 Lott Trophy. This award goes to the impact college player of the year. He was also named the 2008 Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year. Congratulations to OSU and Laurinaitis.

For the past 18 years, at least one Ohio State Buckeye has been honored as an All-American. This year two players were honored as Walter Camp All-Americans.

What were some of the Buckeyes defining moments this year?

Dottingthei has the Vegas line on the game and it does not look too good for the Buckeyes.


OSU players to watch at the Tortilla Chip Bowl.


Quarterback Terrelle Pryor is only a freshman, but he has had an quite an impact. He won the starting quarterback job three games into the season and hasn't looked back. Pryor was just named Freshman of the Year in the Big Ten Confernce by Sporting News and  his name is being batted around in the 2009 Heisman race.




New basketball polls are out. Texas is No. 5 in both the AP and ESPN Top 25.

Both the men and women are in the top 25.

The last time that both Texas teams were in the top five in the same week was March 2003 — when both were ranked No. 5 and both went on to reach the Final Four.

Last season Connor Atchley was regarded as one of the most improved players in college basketball.

At his best, Atchley was remarkably efficient last season. He converted 9 of 11 shots for 22 points in a win against Tennessee, taking a career-high 11 rebounds as well. He scored a career-best 26 against Texas State and 16 against Oral Roberts in consecutive games, hitting a combined 14 of 19 shots.

That Atchley — the one who suddenly flashed across the radar screens of NBA scouts — has largely disappeared.

Clint Chapman does not immediately impress, but his play against Villanova gives hope of what just might be.

Chapman had six rebounds, a block and a deft assist in 16 minutes against Villanova on Tuesday — on the big stage at Madison Square Garden in New York.

"I really feel good about what Clint did," coach Rick Barnes said. "He's a guy who can help us because of his skill set. I just think he needs experience. There's no question his upside is there if he's willing to make the effort."







More college football awards. CBSSports' Eric Sorenson has his annual Goat Awards. The Texas secondary gets the No. 1 spot. You can probably guess the game...

This Gene Chizik situation just continues to become more unpleasant. An Iowa State player has publicly voiced his displeasure. Even Charles Barkley is speaking about the new Auburn coach.

Chizik attempts to reassure Auburn fans that he is the right hire. Good luck with that.

Chizik said Monday he understands the expectations as he takes over at Auburn following Tommy Tuberville's departure. A former defensive coordinator under Tuberville, Chizik said there's only one way to quiet fans upset by his hiring.

"You gotta win," Chizik said during a news conference. A half-dozen or so times, Chizik confidently said he was the "right guy" for the job.

He's got some convincing to do. Many Auburn fans are wringing their hands at the prospect of a coach with a losing record going head-to-head against Alabama's Nick Saban, who just snapped Auburn's six-year winning streak in the rivalry and spent much of the season ranked No. 1.

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard is a little more than miffed.

Iowa State athletic director Jamie Pollard said that twice last week, Gene Chizik assured him that he wouldn't dump the Cyclones for Auburn.

That's just one of the many reasons Chizik's departure was such a kick in the gut for Iowa State -- which once again finds itself trying to pick its football program off the ground.

John McGrath of the Tacoma News Tribune wants to be Gene Chizik when he grows up.

I want to be Gene Chizik, the new Auburn football coach who just turned his 2-10 record at Iowa State this season into a better job, at a more established program, with a $900,000 bump in his annual income.

I want Chizik’s connections, his chutzpah, his luck and his contract. Most of all, I want the favored-customer status he’s got with that guardian angel who watches over him.

Talk about bad timing. Auburn just sent its football season ticket renewal packages out in the mail.

A name is being batted around for the Iowa State job: Turner Gill.

Did you know that there are Chancellor's Spurs exchanged between the UT and Texas Tech System chancellors, depending on the outcome of the annual Texas-Tech football game? Who knew?

Kansas receiver Dezmon Briscoe improved quite a bit this year. He credits this to improving his ability to read defenses. And how did that come about? Great coaching? Well, no.

"The updates to Madden 09," Briscoe said, referencing the video game, Madden NFL 09.

"They roll their defenses now," Briscoe said. "Their game systems now are just crazy. Me playing Madden helps me read defenses on the field."

Do you know the only person to both play and coach in the Holiday Bowl? Mike Gundy.

Nebraska tight end Hunter Teafatiller has pleaded guilty to a second drunken-driving offense.

ESPN's Tim Griffin has season reviews of Big 12 teams.

First up: Kansas State.

It will be a tough rebuilding chore as Snyder inherits a defense that ranked 117th nationally and allowed at least 509 yards of total offense in eight of its final 10 games.

And a review of Nebraska.

The Cornhuskers can build immediate momentum for next season with a victory in the Gator Bowl, which would be their first since beating Michigan in the 2005 Alamo Bowl. The next goal will be to winnow a field of four contenders who will vie to replace Ganz at quarterback, the biggest question immediate positional concern for next season.

And Missouri.

A funny thing happened on the way the Bowl Championship Series. The Tigers never fulfilled early expectations that boosted them to No. 3 in the country after a 5-0 start.

Back-to-back losses to Oklahoma State and Texas ended those national title hopes. The 9-4 Tigers claimed the North Division championship for the second-straight season, but were humiliated in a 61-21 beatdown by Oklahoma that underscored the problems that faced them all season.

The Sooners

Florida better be ready. OU's no-huddle attack turns the entire game into a two-minute drill.

Bradford's no-huddle hard drive goes something like this: When his teammate is tackled, or even just before he's tackled, Bradford moves to where the ball will likely be spotted. At the same time, he looks to the sideline to receive the signal from his coaches for the next play. The wide receivers usually pick up the signal from the sideline as well. Then Bradford tells the formation to his linemen and sometimes his tailback. As he's talking to his linemen, he looks at the general positioning of the defense. Once he's under center or in the shotgun, he begins his cadence, taking a mental picture of the defensive alignment, and the ball is snapped.

Back to the Heisman. The win by Bradford may be the motivation Florida needs. At least the Bradfords had a nice time in New York. We can only hope they didn't hear any "Gator Bait" chants at restaurants.

Sam Bradford on ESPN's Mike & Mike about the NFL.


Two of the three Heisman finalists were only rated three-star prospects coming out of high school. Do you know who? Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy. And what did Bob have to say about that?

"You mean that three-star quarterback we signed that there wasn't a whole bunch of people recruiting?" OU coach Bob Stoops said with a hearty laugh. "So much for those guys that give out the stars, huh? Aw, just teasing."

So, how has Bob fared recruiting quarterbacks?

Stoops shouldn't cast too many stones. He signed four of those mega-star prospects — Noah Allen, Tommy Grady, Rhett Bomar and Keith Nichol — and not one made it more than two seasons in Norman.

Did Bob recognize this unrealized talent before other schools? No, not really.

"Sam was brought in because we needed quarterback depth," Chuck Long, the offensive coordinator at the time, said in a telephone interview.


Big12Sports has a preview of Oklahoma.

'Round the Blogs

It looks like the Sooners are talking about us again. But in case you are planning to post, they are now monitoring the cows on their message board. Someone needs to explain that there is a slight difference between a Longhorn and a cow. They also called our quarterback an inbred...

Clone Chronicles laments the state of ISU football.

Double T Nation continues its preview of the Cotton Bowl. This time it is receivers.

Rock M Nation asks if Missouri can compete with Texas and OU.

The Ralphie Report has Best of 2008: #7.

Rock Chalk Talk has the Best of 2008: #6.

Barking Carnival wonders if Billy Sims has Tourette Syndrome.





Kansas' Mark Mangino, Insight Bowl chairman Dave Tilson and Minnesota's Tim Brewster rang the opening bell for Monday's Nasdaq trading session.

I am not making this up. They actually did a poll about the Sooners.

Walmart shoppers and NASCAR enthusiasts are among Oklahoma's biggest fans, a recent survey of Americans shows.

The online survey by Zogby International, a national polling and market research firm, shows more than two out of three Americans have at least a fair view of Oklahoma.

They obviously did not talk to anyone in Austin.

This is a great story about Steve Owens, OU's 1969 Heisman winner on Barry Tramel's blog. The part about sitting with O.J. at a dinner is a definite read.

So how do Heisman winners fare after winning the award? Some better than others.

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida's College of Business Administration looks at student-athlete graduation rates and African-American hiring practices in the coaching ranks. Some interesting facts:

In another report, researchers also looked at the graduation performance of the 68 bowl-bound football teams. Ninety-one percent of the teams will graduate at least half of their players. Progress is progress but the results are still underwhelming.

Nineteen of the teams headed to a bowl game graduated less than half of their African-American football players, Lapchick reported. Only the University of Oklahoma graduates less than half of its white student-athletes.

Five schools had higher graduation rates for African-American football players than whites: Connecticut, Troy, Florida Atlantic, Rutgers and Oklahoma.

At the Home Depot ESPNU College Football Awards, some of the players were asked about non-football realted topics.

What’s the craziest or funniest fan moment you’ve experienced while in college?

Jeremy Maclin: "I was out on campus one day, this girl saw me, came up to me and shook my hand, and basically fainted."

Josh Arauco: "We were playing the Longhorns and it was my second missed [field goal]. I was like 1-for-3, and there was this drunk guy behind me and he kept screaming at me that he was a math major and he kept calling out percentages. He was like, 'You’re 1-for-3. That’s 0.33333.’ "

Not Big 12 related, but entertaining. Alabama is naming its visiting locker room after a donor. And his name? James M. Fail. The locker room is now officially the Fail Room.




Following the gravy train of college sports... money.

Rutgers. Probably one of the only universities to try to put the reputation and tradition of the school above the athletic department.

The Sports Economist looks at Bowl Schwag.

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