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Harry Cabluck/AP

An oldie but a goodie. This article on Brian Orakpo is from October.

The defensive line and linebackers have made a competition out of getting sacks and tackles for loss. No one has been able to keep up with Orakpo.

"You’ve got to get in there or else it’s the O-sack-po show," Miller said.

"He’s a freak. That’s all you can say," Tigers quarterback Chase Daniel said. "We’re going to have to be firm up front and I’ve got to stand in the pocket knowing I’m going to get hit."

The top 25 rankings are out. For 2009. Texas is in the top 5, along with Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma and Southern California. Oklahoma State was ranked sixth, with Texas Tech coming in at 16th. All this sounds vaguely familiar.

Mack Brown is a finalist for the Bear Bryant Award.


The Ohio State University Buckeyes


What do Brian Orakpo and OSU linebacker James Laurinaitis have in common? Both were up for the Lott Award.

 James Laurinaitis won the Lott trophy and he is very grateful for his Lott in life.

"This is so surprising to me, but such a tremendous honor," Laurinaitis said. "I have to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for all the amazing blessings he has sent me, and this is such a blessing. Knowing what this award stands for and knowing the reputation and character of Mr. Lott makes it very special. Hearing (longtime announcer) Keith Jackson announce my name is something I will never forget. It's a credit to all my Ohio State teammates and an amazing honor. This is truly overwhelming."

James Laurinaitis also became the second college football player to be a three-time AP All-American.

Ohio State has a history of great linebackers from Hawk to Spielman and Tom Cousineau to Randy Gradishar. Hawk and Spielman were both two-time AP All-Americans.

"When people throw my name in that group of players, I just laugh," Laurinaitis said. "It's extremely complimentary to be thought of in the same category."

The only other player to make the AP first-team three times was Pittsburgh offensive lineman Bill Fralic (1982-84), according to STATS LLC.



Texas beat Texas Southern 88-72.



Three players earn pre-season places on the NCBWA All-American team. Chance Ruffin was named to the third team.







Tech Head Coach Mike Leach was announced as the winner of the George Munger Award. Congratulations to Leach and Texas Tech.

Instead of listing ESPN Tim Griffin's Big 12 team reviews individually, here is the list in its entirety.

There is a new Baylor. Recruit Josh Gordon from Lamar High School in Houston was surprised at the state-of-the-art facilities.

"It was real nice," Gordon said. "I was actually really surprised by how nice it was. They have real good facilities and everything was state-of-the-art, which I wasn't expecting. I didn't think it'd be that good of a football environment, but I guess this is the "new" Baylor they said."

Gordon is referring to all the upgrades that Baylor has made to their football facilities. "They've really invested a lot of money into the football program," he said. "They are doing whatever they can to make the school a success and want to make sure they provide the athletes all the tools they need too succeed too."

Turner Gill will not be considered for the Iowa State job. He just received a contract extension through 2013 and a raise.

Dan Hawkins has very high hopes for his team next season. 10 wins.

Dan Hawkins is raising the bar - significantly - in anticipation of his fourth season as the University of Colorado's football coach.

At the team's annual seniors awards banquet Sunday at a hotel in Broomfield, Hawkins' closing remarks included this forecast for 2009: "10 wins and no excuses."


The Sooners

DeMarco Murray is out for the BCS national championship game.

Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray will undergo surgery on Dec. 22 and will not play in the BCS National Championship game. The sophomore has a partial rupture of a hamstring tendon in his left leg.

Murray injured the hamstring on the opening kickoff of the Big 12 Championship game on Dec. 6. It was initially thought Murray had sustained a deep bruise.

Losing Murray before the game is a loss, but maybe not as much as everyone thinks.

Fox Sports has a Florida-Oklahoma preview.

One NFL scout thinks Sam Bradford should stay right where he is.

Gil Brandt knows what he'd advise Bradford — just say no to the NFL and stay in school.

It's the same thing Brandt told Bradford last August, when OU coach Bob Stoops invited the former Dallas Cowboys executive to address the Sooners on several draft issues.

"I told Sam he should stay in school," Brandt said Tuesday in a telephone interview. "Believe me, I still think that (decision) is in his best interests.

"He's a hot prospect right now. He's a good player who will only get better with (college) experience."

You get some great perks when you win the Heisman. You get to ring the NYSE opening bell.



Big 12 Sports has a preview of Oklahoma State.


'Round the Blogs

Barking Carnival knows why Texas is out of the BCS. Because Nebraska kicked a 57 yard field goal to beat Colorado. They also look at BCS conferences over the length of the BCS.

Rock M Nation has the inside scoop on the Sooner gift exchange plus Part Two of Gary Pinkel vs, OU and Texas.

The Ralphie Report asks if Colorado can deliver 10 wins.

The Wiz of Odds has Billy Simms apology.




BCS- Beyond Common Sense

A better way to see the national championship game. 3D.

Aggies and Longhorns agree on something? Rep. Barton reaches out to bring the two institutions together for one single cause.

Of course, Barton’s goal is not to pass legislation. Nor does he want to tell college football what kind of playoff to employ. He is hoping his legislation forces college football to sit down and figure out how to fix itself. Nor is this about the Longhorns, who were ’Horned by the system.

"Everybody thinks I am a Longhorn," he said. "Actually, I am an Aggie."

And I have never met a Texas A&M grad who is trying to get revenge for a University of Texas grad. Most Aggies I know were giggling over Texas’ plight. Of course, Barton already has proven his willingness to reach across the aisle on matters of football importance.


Other stuff

Someone is actually optimistic about the Chizik hire at Auburn and they think the War Eagles will win nine games next year.

But... According to SI's Stewart Mandel, Gene Chizik has zero chance to succeed at Auburn.

Fox Sports' Rich Cirminiello looks at the greatest post-season moments of this year's bowl teams.

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