Depressive and Inane Mathematical Exercise

Somehow knowing in advance that Oklahoma would go to the Big XII title did not soften the blow of it becoming reality.  All my - "it was a helluva year" cheer is now completely bankrupt.  To get through my now clinical depression, I looked ahead to 2009 to see if there was a reason to put down the revolver.

Who will leave early/stay Assumption

  • Colt McCoy will return to Texas for 3 reasons.  He wants a MNC, he wants a Big XII title, and he wants to be the first QB in history to win back to back Heismans.
  • Kindle will also return for 3 reasons.  One, the NFL drafts LBs in the first round as often as Stoops showers.  Only 2 or 3 total, and this year's Seniors will occupy those slots.  Secondly, this year he had to share tape with Orakpo - not good.  Come back under Will and dominate Sergio.  Finally, I think Jamal Charles cost himself some long term coin - and that point will be made.
  • Shipley will win his medical redshirt appeal.

Who will transfer

  • The WR depth and DB depth is ridiculous, and the Horns will be hit somewhat here.  2 of Webber, Payne, Grant, Hales will transfer.  Not sure that impacts us at all. 
  • DB transfers will hurt a little more.  We will lose at least one of Brewer, Wells, Monroe - and these guys may have higher upside than Gideon.

Now the Math

  • Offense (QB,RB,Rec,OL) and defense (DLint, DE, LB,DB) is each divided into 4 components.
  • Scores range from -2 significantly worst to +2 or significantly better than 2008.  8 points = 100% improvement for each unit.

The Scoring - Offense is +4

  • QB is zero - as how does Colt improve on virtual perfection.
  • Rec is +2 due to Irby return and Malcolm Williams maturity.  We will for sure be asking Limas Who?   With an outside shot at Roy who.  Collins, Kirk, Buckner will give us an explosiveness beyond even this year's group.
  • OL is +1 and to me this is more of a reflection of how disappointing the OL was this year.  3rd and a yard and a half cannot be a passing down at the University of Texas.  In addition, Colt took a beating against some mediocre teams.  It just looks as if this group has not been taught how to hold as well as other Big XII teams.
  • RB is +1 basically just because we know Vondrell and Fozzy better and won't have as much experimenting.  They will be designed in during the off season.

The Scoring - Defense is +1

  • DT and Interior is at -2.  Roy Miller is just a disruptive beast.  The cupboard is bare behind him in terms of beastiness. 
  • DE is at -1.  Orakpo is another beast that cannot be replaced.   Acho and Jones are very solid - but if they have the speed they do not have the strength and vice versa.
  • LB is at +2  Look for Sergio to be next year's Rey Maluaga.  The real key is that Muschamp moves a slightly beefed up Muck to the middle and gets Keenan Robinson on the field with Kindle.
  • DB is at +2 Earl Thomas will be on All American list next year.  Williams and Browns make Beasley pick splinters out of his rear.  Scott hits everything in sight and this will rival the 2005 team as the best secondary in UT history.

Overall Inane Conclusion

  • The Horns will be 30% better than this year.
  • Sooners lose entire OL
  • Big XII title and MNC appearance virtually guaranteed.
  • I still don't feel better


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