Everyone take a step back, don't worry about "Jmac"

Post after post has sprung up regarding everyones favorite ex-longhorn recruit.  In recruiting these bigtime athletes you play with fire.  You either are going to snag one or you're left looking like an absolute fool.  Either way a lot of time, resources and yes, for the extreme, emotions are invested into the situation. 

This time we didn't come out on top.  It's okay.  I don't wanna hear anything about "I hope he blows a knee" and the like.  I also don't want to see things like "Well I always knew he wasn't that good".  It's just hypocritical. 

And the idea that these rumors and allegations are soooo important is ridiculous.  ESPN hasn't even mentioned anything, not even on the ticker on the bottom of the screen.  SI and have no "news" about NCAA violations. 

Everyone just remember it's the offseason for these ($) sites and controversy sells, sells, sells.  The OU/Texas feud is easy fodder and writers all want a piece of the action.  To us BONers or those of you who frequent Orangebloods, just remember we kind of exist in a different world than the average fan.  When the demand for information is as high as it is around the blogosphere, sometimes news isn't really available.  In these cases news must be manufactured.  And that is what we have in my opinion, manufactured news. 

The situation we have received for christmas is not a nice one especially considering the parties involved, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.  This NY times guy is probably some small-time writer and thought he'd throw his hat into the fray, make a name for himself. 

Until Mack/Muschamp/UT president/ Deloss has anything to say about this just let it die.  The overanalysis (ahem Geoff), the speculation, the sky is falling attitudes are all a little to much about one teenager's decision.  Next year and the year after probably do not in fact hinge on Jmac's decision.

There are loudmouths in plenty on each side that are all talk and no substance.  Don't waste too much time or dwell on everything thats going oh so wrong for Longhorn Nation.  Nobody outside of OU and Texas are talking about this, it just isn't that big of a story.  If I'm wrong we'll know pretty soon. 

And as far as lady lucks particular abhorrance for us at the moment, over a given sample size most things inevitably regress to the mean.  OU is sort of peaking right now, eventually they'll be no place to go but down (hopefully Jan 8th in Miami).

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