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"If it takes 56 points to get somebody to vote for you, folks, we got a bad system. We sit here and talk all the time about sportsmanship ... and then we throw it right out the window when we need to get to a game." -Mack Brown

It isn't over yet. What happens if Missouri beats Oklahoma?

The AP can still crown UT the national champion. Their poll sounds like a better deal.

One of the voters in the Haris Poll didn't bother to vote. (Let us hope it was the guy who wasn't paying much attention to college football this year.) Was this important for Texas?

Dr. Saturday ran the numbers and all Florida has to do is win to pass Texas.

Burnt Orange Beat has the top 125 Texas recruits for 2010. Someone needs to tell these boys that the University of Oklahoma is not an option.





Dan Beebe, Big 12 Commissioner

Dan Beebe, the Big 12's fearless leader, had a lot to say about the current conference debacle.

"Any tiebreaker system is difficult and will leave teams disappointed," Beebe said. "When the tiebreaker was written I was not in the league but they wanted to put in the team that had the best chance to play in the national championship game."

"I'm not so sure that this isn't the best way to do it," Beebe said. "I understand the argument about head-to-head and it is a strong point, but as a lot of voters looked at it, and as the committees that select basketball tournament participants look at it, 'What team would you least want to play now?'"

"This was a perfect storm," Beebe said. "You can't create a rule that accounts for every scenario. To have teams ranked second and third, that margin is so thin."

The most insightful thing Beebe said?

"If you win all of your games you don't have to worry about this scenario."

Well, Dan, we could have figured that one out on our own.

Mark Kiszla, Denver Post, has a suggestion on how to solve the Big 12 spat.

If the Big 12 were truly interested in crowning its legitimate champ, then the league would pit the two highest-ranked squads in the BCS standings to end the season.

The Walter Camp Football Foundation finalists were announced. Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, Texas' Colt McCoy, Texas Tech's Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree  and Florida's Tim Tebow are the finalists.

Mike Leach has been spotted on a flight to Seattle. But he said he was not leaving Tech. And his agent said he was not in Seattle. This always happens...

Missouri's Chase Daniel is ready for OU. He is also getting some good advice.

Daniel even invoked the vision of buddy and Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, with whom Daniel had a one-hour telephone conversation on Sunday after Oklahoma edged Texas in the BCS standings and claimed the South Division berth in the league title game.

"He was crushed," Daniel said. "He’s obviously pulling for us to win, and so are we. We’re pulling for ourselves to win."

The walking wounded. Missouri's Chase Coffman said his injured toe is about 80 percent.

"We all know what a healthy, 100 percent Chase Coffman is," coach Gary Pinkel said. "By the way, an 80 percent Chase isn't bad. Maybe he'll do better after the experience of playing and doing better with it. There are some things you have to work through."

Bob Stoops has been careful not to compare Sam Bradford to either Josh Heupel or Jason White. That has changed.

ESPN's Tim Griffin is back with his mailbag. I bet you can guess the topic of most questions.


'Round the Blogs

Barking Carnival has some advice to the Big 12: Drop dead.

Corn Nation has their Big 12 Cob of the Week. The Texas fan base is one of the nominees. Corn Blight, we are starting to take this personally.

Bring On The Cats has a letter to Dan Beebe. The main point is not to cave in to Texas.

Crimson and Cream Machine talks about the Sooners dominance on the conference awards. Even with all the awards, they are still frustrated.

The Ralphie Report has the Worst of 2008.




Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel compares the old system of picking a national champion and the BCS to beer.

18 teams are BCS bowl eligible. Penn State, aBig Ten co-champion, and Cincinnati, Big East champion, have already earned automatic berths. Now the waiting game begins to see who gets the rest of the invitations.

ESPN's Pat Forde has put out The Dashies, his annual end-of-season awards show.




Following the gravy train of college sports... money.

Collegiate merchandising is alive and well. Despite a lagging economy, OU items are selling well in Norman.

"This weekend was really good. Now with the announcement yesterday everybody's excitement seems to be there and we've been pretty steady this morning," says Jerry Hatter, owner of Balfour of Norman.
The announcement came in, fans came pouring in and the merchandise is flying out of Balfour. OU hurdled Texas for the #2 spot in the BCS, meaning the Sooners play for the Big 12 title.  Fans are now stocking up on all their favorite Sooner gear.

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