Note to Ignorant "Fans" of CFB

I am sick and tired of hearing morons from either Oklahoma or other areas contend that Texas did not really win on a neutral field.  "It's in Texas!  It can't be neutral!" they cry.  I've heard SO MANY PEOPLE say this, and it is absolutely astounding.  Do these people know anything about football?  In fact, do these people know basic geography.

One such fan posted this on CCmachine, and that is right here.  I was not particularly nice in my post back to him, but I'm getting quite exasperated.  The more knowledgeable OU fans that have actually, you know, gone to the game agreed with me.  Seriously, if you call yourself a Texas or OU fan and you don't know the tradition of the neutral site in Dallas, then you're kidding yourself.  You're not a true fan.

We can go back and forth about OU and Texas for hours.  But one thing that should never, EVER, come up is the fact that Texas didn't win on a neutral field.  We did, and anyone with a gram of college footballl knowledge knows that.

As I condescendingly illustrated there, the RRR meets the following requirements for a neutral field:

1.  Roughly equal distance (Norman is actually closer to Dallas)
2.  Resident fans on both sides
3.  A 50/50 split stadium

Why is the game in Texas?  Well, when I was in kindergarten or so, I looked at a map and saw a rather large state called Texas.  To the north was a smaller state named Oklahoma.  Naturally, if you find a halfway point between two cities in each state, the chances are that the point will fall in the state with a lot more area... the one called Texas.  The only time that would not happen is if you find a halfway point from a city way up north, which is definitely not Austin.

Add in the tradition, the craziness of the night before downtown and the sea of red and orange walking around the State Fair, it is a neutral site that is arguably unparalelled anywhere in college football.  There's a reason many were angry at the Cotton Bowl for being stubborn with the renovations.

If you thought that Texas didn't win on a neutral site because of the brute fact that "The game was in Texas," you suck at life.  That's about as nice as I can be about it.

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