What about a re-seed at mid season?

Have the south play each other and the north play each other in weeks 1-5 round robin.

Texas 4-1
OU 4-1
Tech 4-1
OSU 2-3
Baylor 1-4
A&M 0-5


Kansas 4-1
Missouri 4-1
Nebraska 3-2
Colorado 2-3
Kansas St 1-4
Iowa St. 0-5

The top 3 north teams and the Top 3 south teams form one division. BUT you bring your common game record(including the Head to Head) from the first part of the season in and play the other teams. This maintains head to head and reduces the additional games to be played to 3. This keeps an 8 game regular season.

Kansas 1-1
Texas 1-1
OU 1-1
Tech 1-1
Nebraska 1-1
Missouri 1-1

The bottom 3 south teams and the bottom 3 North Teams form another division. They bring their common records from the last division as well and play a consolation division.

Kansas St.
Iowa St.

You play the three teams in the new division that you haven't played before in weeks 6-8. North has home games the first and thrid week and the south has the home game in the middle. Alternate that the next year. That way hotels can still be planned for. Air fare may be a little different, but isn't all that charter anyway? You could give everyone a bye in between the two divisions so they have an extra week to plan.

So the second half of the season Texas would play Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas. Let say the final records looked like this:

Texas 4-1
OU 4-1
Tech 4-1
Kansas 2-3
Missouri 2-3

You can then have a reasonable tie breaker because the top three teams have all played the same 8 common opponents. Do point differential or penetrations or what ever you want that is something that actually happens on the field.

You can then have a CCG which will always be a rematch...but at least a good rematch. In this case it would actually be for the championship where as other years it might be to bring the top team back down to a co-championship level. Other years it may be just for giggles if the Top team is already two games ahead in the standings. I'd be in favor of getting rid of the CCG all together but I don't make millions of dollars every year from it.

This plan does the following:

1. Increases the SoS for the top teams.

2. Increases the TV ratings for the top games.

3. Gives the Have nots something to play for at the end of the season. A Big XII B championship is nothing to sneeze at.

4. Keeps a 'Championship Game' but makes it much less ridiculous then the current unbalanced Weak North Vs. Powerful South incarnation.


1. The Texas/A&M game would have to be played before Thanksgiving. We could still have a Thanksgiving game every other year but it wouldn't be the aggies. I could be Colorado or Nebraska if they end up in our division.

2. I still don't like the championship at the end of the year. It will always be a rematch....but a rematch of the for sure best two teams.

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