What UT's Players Should Do

First of all, this football team needs to man up, focus all the energy and anger they have into practice and the weight room.  They need to come out on January 5th and just destroy tOSU from the opening gun until the closing gun.  It should be downright ugly and embarrassing for tOSU what happens in the desert.  Nothing personal Tressel, since he and Mack are buds, but it's just what needs to happen.

Then, immediately after the game when the players and coaches are interviewed they need to permanently and forever cast doubt on whoever wins in Miami by asserting that the best team in the country won in Glendale.  They need to loudly and proudly declare that everyone on the squad, every fan, most of Texas and a huge part of America knows that UT is better than OU and that whoever wins in Miami will forever have an asterisk next to their title.  And they need to explicitly say that the voters who hosed UT can kiss their collective asses.

While some are claiming that UT should just get over it and it benefits the Big XII if OU wins, possibly benefiting Texas since they beat OU, I will be praying for Florida to destroy those dirt burglars (also Australian slang for...rump rangers).  There's no way in heaven or on earth that Stoops and Co. should hoist another trophy of any kind over their heads this season.  It's a fraud and miscarriage of justice what happened to UT.

I know some Tech fans are claiming they should be in the hunt, too.  They had a great season, their best season ever.  But while they knocked off Texas in the last second of a game and at home, their strength of schedule was pathetic, far worse than UT's or OU's.  I mean, c'mon TWO Div 2 teams?  And getting thumped by 40 points by a team UT defeated by double digits?  Beating UT  was a nice win for you TT, it messed up the Horns season.  But it doesn't make you an equal in this debate.  The only reason the head-to-head matters for UT/OU is because everything else, from SoS to the road/home/neutral site is tied between the squads.  UT/TT head-to-head doesn't matter because the disparity between the rest of the body of work hugely favors UT.

But, just to be consistent and so we don't have to listen to anymore taunts about "whining" from OU or TT, this bowl season I've abandoned my support for all teams Big XII.  OU and TT both need to lose their bowl games to shut them up and let the world know that UT is the best team in the Big XII.  I don't care if this season the SEC would get bragging rights by beating both OU and TT.

After the Big XII telling UT two years in a row that all tiebreakers go to OU (last season in a potential tie the conference told UT they were going to ignore rules 3 & 4 that would have given the title to UT and go straight to rule 5 to benefit OU) I have no loyalty to the conference any more.  The coaches in the Big XII have dissed UT and MB repeatedly in the voting for team rank and COTY.  If our fellow teams in our conference want to treat UT like a pariah then why should UT give a flying fuck about them?

So, in order of January cheers:

Go Ole Miss, win one for your former team Jevan!

Go Texas, punk those Buckeyes like they're OU!

Go Gators, expose the Big XII "Champion" as the pretenders they are and make Bradford cry like the little girl she is!


Then I'll be content to wait for October, 2009, when MB & Co. get to bury the thieves - AGAIN!

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