Time to move on to baseball and the painful waiting for the football offseason

I've decided, after tequila shots and a well earned nap, to just move on, applaud an incredible basketball season, and console myself by looking on to a baseball team that has a lot of potential but that I admittedly know very little about.  

And as much as this might hurt the sentiments of PB and AW, that I would so quickly skip past a mourning period  and not even wait for AJs declaration, I must do what I must as an individual fan and try to find a lifespark in the upcoming football season (I say upcoming like kickoff is next saturday).  

Lets break down concerns and things to be giddy about

QB:  hopefully this isnt as much of a concern as more of a compliment to our revived defense.  Colt was getting  no good scans at the spring game, Chiles sure can run, which does him nothing as an option qb if he cant hit a shovel pass in a scramble, and unfortunately, Harris looked HOT.  I say this is unfortunate because I dont even know if Davis notices the best player on the squad anymore.  It seems that he saw that the decision was to go with Chiles last year, and you better not mess with success(sic?) and Chiles is the man.  Regardless,  Harris was the better QB out saturday morning, and while the game is meaningless, I better see that the implications have an effect.

WR- the young are young and the veterans cant threaten. bottom line.  Shipley was scary three years ago, maybe.  Shipley is what shipley has proven today.  That is, a reliable receiver but nothing spectacular.  Cosby is lovable but he isnt a deep threat.  The young guys dropped a lot of passes which is to be expected but I didnt see anything stand out to me.  Given they were going after a lot of bad passes but thats an element that makes a good receiever: catching eli mannings terrible throws.  I'm hoping it was just jitters and training transition. we'll see.  just something to be concerned about.

SPECIAL TEAMS: wtf?  hey, you catch those pigskins and you hold on. and after holding on, you run like the devil. where are we?  seriously deon beasley playing special teams? this seemed almost like a "what COULD we do here, for lack of a better player."  scary. downright scary.  
  I was very, VERY impressed by one punter I was unable to grab the name of.  hit it on the spot inside the 10 almost every time.  High, high punts, huge air time.  Hope this to be a factor AKA the giants last year.


Offensive Line.  Dont color me giddy but color me a bit more relieved, they are going up against a same team very improved defense and giving more time than colt had all season last year.  Which brings me to...

MUSCHAMP DEFENSE: WOW. just wow. just as Barnes had no answer for Memphis this offense could do almost nothing against this d.  Outside of one reverse to shipley and some quickfoot by chiles and some good throws by Harris (against this defense?  GIVE THE KID THE NOD PLEASE), this crew overwhelmed this offense (Again, is the spring scrimmage, this is all probably meaningless).    Our DBs are good, our safeties are playing good coverage, and our Dline should have no problems.  There definitely isnt any "lack of motivation" concern

I would add that offensive playcalling was a concern, but again, this is the spring scrimmage, and this is all basically rubbish till fall.

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