This up Coming Season.......

So Are up coming season hopefully will be pretty Kick Butt!......
So here are my thoughts on some of da boiiiis!

Colt McCoy: He's awsome, honestly though he needs to cut down on the interceptions: 18 last year, not good. He really is a good QB if people would just Shut Up about how awful he is and actully watch him, b/c he really isn't that awful. Unfortuntley, he has an average back field, hes got Vondrelll McGee out there but he is no Jamaal Charles, and in my opinion he has the Power House Recivers: Jordan and Quan! People are counting on him to lead us to a BCS bowl, but no pressure, I'll still love him and supporting him either way.

Jeremy Hills: He is already a beast, just wait till he gets a year or two of getting used to the team and practice.......He'll be an EXPLOSIVE BEAST! WOOOOOOO! Some may say, even the next Jamaal Charles. He will m,ost likley get redshirted then graduly start playing more and more and more. Love Him! Best of Luck!

Jordan Shipley: He is UH-MAZ-ING.........yeah. so thats whats up... He was great last season but this season, it's his senior year and he is going out with a BANG no matter what. Everyone's really counting on him and da other WR: Quan Cosby, since the lose of Limus Sweed. But Ya Jordan's a Beast and i can't wait to see what he's got up his sleeve............

Quan Cosby: The Cosby Show, YEP THATS Right, hes that good b/c when he comes out and does that 91 yrd. Punt Return for a TD again, he will be running the Cosby Show!! He is A Beast! He has wonderfulllllll Hands----That can really grip the balls thrown by McCoy! I can't to see what he does next season.

John Chiles: Is a Beast.....They Might even call him the Nxt Vince Young.......He Knows the true word of Entertainment......b/c he can entertain, when he gets on that feild. Even when his not on the feild he might be somewhere Rappping with RaShad Bobino! Ha! But some people ay he dosen't pass much wich is true and when he does it usally dosen't get to the intended Reciver.

Sherrod Harris: Can Haul Butt when he runs and can pass..... Vince Young? but even when Vince young was here he didn't throw that often either. Sherrod is a good QB can't wait to see what he does in the future years.....

IDK. Myt horns are gonna Pretty Darn good this Season. THese guys were the guys that I have met that really made and impression on me. Some at Fan Apperication Day Some Else where. Also Nic Redwine was awsome to........but yea. They really Deserve a Big Thanks and A Big Championship......Love 'EM!


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