Just Got Back From Practice

Bumped. Awesome. I will try to make it out tomorrow -HB.

And the best two plays of the practice were Fozzy Whitaker (wearing #28 now)  running for a long TD down the sideline, and John Chiles throwing a beautiful pass, about 30 yds in the air, to Kirkendoll for a TD.  

My thoughts after watching practice:

  • Dan Buckner and Malcolm Williams are BIG.  My friend and I were trying to figure out who was bigger during the entire practice.   I think it goes to Buckner.
  • Fozzy looks like the quickest player on the field.   BY FAR. 
  • Desean Hales made a great reaching catch in which he had to speed up and run under the ball.
  • DJ Monroe got some action, but from the looks of it he is dead last on the WR depth chart.  But then again, Mack starts everyone at last and their skills eventually move them up.  DJ looked quick, but he also looked very small.  Desean Hales looked bigger.
  • John Chiles and Colt split time pretty much equally.   There were about 3 times they were both in the backfield together, but I believe all three times Colt handed it off and then faked an option to JC.
  • All of the TE's looked good, honestly.  Irby, Harris, and Marshall.   Marshall looked the best, IMO.  Ullman was very solid, but he is so big and represents no real threat after the catch.  Marshall looked fast, and Irby was pretty good too. Harris looked fast as well.
  • The starting Offense had Cosby, Shipley, and Kirkendoll.    Don't know how much we should read into this though. 


  • I couldn't see the starting front four very well, but I saw Orakpo and Houston for sure.   I know that's not earth shattering news, but I want to be totally legit on what I saw.
  • Starting LB's were Bobino, Muckelroy, and KEENAN ROBINSON. Again, I don't know how much to look into this, but that stuck me as significant.  But maybe he is starting only because Muschamp hasn't seen much of Kindle in practice yet.    
  • Starting DB's were Palmer, Beasley, Earl Thomas, and BLAKE GIDEON. 
  • In Nickel Packages Thomas was Nickelback, and Christian Scott and Ben Wells were safeties. 
  • Thomas was everywhere.  Everywhere as in, if the ball was somewhere, he was there too.

OK I have to run, but I wanted ya'll to see what I saw.  If you have any questions about what went down, please feel free to ask, I'll be answering as many as I can.




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