OU Musings...

Howdy fellow Horn Fans, 

    I have been looking at different blogs, and other postings and made an inference about something.  Is it just me, or are OU fans getting nervous about playing us??

Why McCoy12 what might you be talking about?? 

In the postings that i have seen, I have noticed a new type of trash talk.  I mean, there is normal headbutting between us UT fans and them, and thats fine, but I'm talking about a nervous type of trash talk.

For instance, I saw a blog post from Tim Griffin (Big 12 ESPN analyst) about how  our young secondary shored up in the second quarter. Now grant it, in the first half of the FAU game, they gave up some explosives, but by my book, that was kind of expected.  The postings were such as, "Oh that young secondary will never last" and "Earl Thomas is a poor excuse for a safety."  I also saw where people were calling Blake Gideon "Slow" and "soft".

I would just like to say and perhaps call out any OU fans  or anybody for that matter who honestly think that our secondary will be that bad.  Might I begin with the fact that this is Texas we are talking about.  We have the best or second best recruiting classes in the country.  Secondly, are secondary is extremely fast and the flocked to the ball.  I was particurly tickled by the Blake Gideon Comments.  Did they not see where he drilled a wide out after a busted screen?  Not to mention, he was all over the place.  If there was a play in the mid field, or 10 years out, Gideon was there.  How can he be slow and be all over the field at the same time?  Now on to Earl Thomas.  Thomas has work to do, but he will perhaps be a stone figure in the safety spot.  Along with  Blake Gideon, he's very fast and obviously coaches can influence him.  Not even 2 play after he gave up some 30 yards on a busted tackle, he tipped a ball in the end zone, that Ryan Palmer came down with. 

After watching the Illinois vs Mizzou game the other night.  I honestly feel pretty good about our defense.  Mizzou gave up 500+ yards, 300 of them came through the air. 

Please make note that this is not me saying that our secondary will be the best around, nor am I saying that they aren't young, but i am saying that teams better not write us off.  UTEP this week will be a true test to our DB's and safeties to see if they actually respond to Muschamp...I know I would...


Hook em Yall!


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