Talkin' Texas -- Amateur Edition

Mondays after game days, BoddickerIsClutch and I try to pass our morning at our jobs by talking about the game.  It tends to come out as a bunch of nonsensical mush, because that's what college did to our brains.  I thought I'd post our conversation from this week as an homage to PB and his invisible mystery friend.  Maybe someone out there will find it entertaining.  I apologize for the grammar, I did some quick editing but it was a conversation done over IM.

Meekrob: Will you allow me to make a point?

BoddickerIsClutch: Ok.

Meekrob: Remember when people were hating on Colt, and you and I were probably the only people who still believed in him?

BoddickerIsClutch: Yes

Meekrob: That pretty much makes us superheroes.

BoddickerIsClutch: Like I said, I bet 2007 will be his worst year, and if thats the case, hes going to be a freaking good QB for us.  Losing Irby worries me though.  We need some more TE!

Meekrob: Maybe we do, or we need a wide reciever to step up who isn't named Shipley or Crosby.

BoddickerIsClutch: We cant even really line up a Goalline package with 2 TEs!  But yes for the passing game I think we could be fine

Meekrob: Cody Johnson doesn't need two TE's.  Cody Johnson would appreciate the extra people to run over anyway.

BoddickerIsClutch: I love me some CJ.  Its so nice to have a real power back again, I forgot what it was like

Meekrob: Though, Colt looked like CJ running the ball as well.  Though, being from Rice, I imagine their players are well-fed, they didn't seem to be all that good at, uhh, being good.

BoddickerIsClutch: No, and with CJ in the wings, Id like to see colt slide more.  You dont need to fight for that extra yard, CJ can pick it up

Meekrob: Whatever.  Colt's a man.  And he's not even forty, which just shows his maturity.  If you're worried about Colt getting hurt, how about not lining him up at WR?

BoddickerIsClutch: You know my thoughts on that.  And can this chiles experiment be over yet?

Meekrob: Here's my question about Chiles.  I thought the ground can't cause a fumble!  Clearly the ground forced that fumble.  Chiles is not used to the ground, because he likes to let his feet dangle when he's sitting on the bench.

BoddickerIsClutch: I'm just pissed that we got scored on in the second half for the first time this year, and its pretty much Chiles' fault.  Also my favorite pass of Colts was his first incompletion  I dont know how long it was his only one, I know he went 10/11.

Meekrob: Second one I think was Irby, which pissed me off for exactly 0.3 seconds until his leg decided to end its own life in an act of cowardice.

BoddickerIsClutch: Man that was brutal.

Meekrob: They should replace his leg with a bionic leg.  They have those now, right?  I mean come on, Jax had bionic arms in Mortal Kombat like ten freaking years ago.

BoddickerIsClutch: That's what we were thinking, he could then be the best kicker in the world.  There'd be no such thing as punts, if the O stalls, Irby just kicks a FG from wherever you are on the field.  Though you'd probably have to change out the nets behind the goal posts for a kevlar shield, you know, for the fans' safety.

Meekrob: I have no problems with this, as long as we don't let OU develop the bionic limbs technology.  Though, given their populace, I wouldn't expect that to happen anytime soon.  What stood out for you on defense?

BoddickerIsClutch: Same old same old, missed tackles and poor coverage in the secondary.  Muckleroy was solid, Acho is looking like a beast.  Kindle plays like hes a maniac.  Which is great sometimes, and sometimes not so great

Meekrob: But is always entertaining.

BoddickerIsClutch: Yep.  There was that one option where he got Clement to pitch the ball, and he could have gone and gotten Thor, but instead took the extra step to go ahead and hit Clement.

Meekrob: I learned something about Kindle.  He doesn't actually eat babies, as is the rumor, because he read they are fatty.  Instead he chews on them for a while and then spits them out.

BoddickerIsClutch: Not bad either way, but he would have saved us a yard if he just went for the ball.  I hear baby Jerky is lean.

Meekrob: Maybe he's just practicing for when he's called upon to sever Bradford in half at the waist.  Baby Jerky takes too much time, and where does one find a smokehouse at this time of year?

BoddickerIsClutch: I do like how Sergio's whole role in the D seems to be, go rush the QB.  (Mutual friend) James mistook him for a DE, and I was like no... he just rushes the passer every freaking down.

Meekrob: Understandable, I mistook him for a serial killer.

BoddickerIsClutch: A serial Crusher?

Meekrob: Play 2 Crush.  (Inside joke)

BoddickerIsClutch: I just watched Boondock Saints again recently.

Meekrob: Good story.

BoddickerIsClutch: Its where the Serial Crusher theory comes from.

Meekrob: I do not remember the Serial Crusher theory.  But I just watched Dexter, which is  where the idea that everyone might be a serial killer comes from.   I, personally, was pleased with the D-Line.  You don't have an 11 play goal line stand if your D-Line isn't bringing it.

BoddickerIsClutch: Yeah that was comical.  I also liked that the two pass interference penalties were offset yardage wise, by just one holding.  Or was it a false start?  I forget.

Meekrob: I do too.  But that second PI was bull anyway.  Here's what I don't get.  That stupid bald guy at halftime that was giving bad answers to every user question said that we couldn't beat Mizzou because we can't stop Mizzou. the hell is Mizzou going to stop us?

BoddickerIsClutch: Meh, could have gone either way, I think it was bullshit, but wasnt really that upset by it either.  Yeah he was a moron.

BoddickerIsClutch: He said some other stuff that was dumb as well, I don't remember them.

Meekrob: I feel like that game, the Tech game, and the OSU game will all be decided by whoever fails to score first.  The point totals are just going to be ridiculous.

BoddickerIsClutch: I just hope our secondary improves.

Meekrob: I'll tell you one thing though, the secondary is going to get more than a season's worth of experience.

BoddickerIsClutch: Clement to Dillon is moneyball as well, its not like we are the first team that they have scored on.  And we still keep them from getting a TD (possibly) if we dont cough up the field position on O.

Meekrob: Yeah I mean, Rice isn't the same old Rice, I actually expected to give up more points.

BoddickerIsClutch: As did I.

Meekrob: But we had the ultimate counter to Rice.  I shall call him Major.  You may call him Mr. Applewhite.

BoddickerIsClutch: We have faced some good QBs, despite the overall teams not being that good, I'm hoping that is part of what appears to be our DBs struggles.  We will find out against Arkie, who does not have a good QB.

Meekrob: Truth.  I'll tell you one thing.  I can't wait to play aTm.

BoddickerIsClutch: With their record and reputation shot already this year, you'll be happy to know I was solidly behind Miami this weekend.  Its so much easier to root against aTm than for them.  They looked terrible.  I was however, rooting for Baylor, which I found a frustrating endeavor

Meekrob: I can't ever root for Miami.  It's in my blood.  Though I was glad that if they had to beat anyone, it was the agros.

BoddickerIsClutch: Just when you think Baylor was going to take the game, they pulled a Baylor.  As Baylor is wont to do.

Meekrob: I think with Baylor, it's like watching NFL teams with Longhorns on them.  I can root for a player without caring about the team as a whole.  It's like one man trying to overcome decades of suck.  You know what, scratch what I said about not being able to wait to play aTm.  What I really can't wait for is them to play Baylor.  When we beat them, it's just back to normality.  When Baylor beats them, it's like the ending to Planet of the Apes, only with fat ugly people instead of a manly bare-chested Charlton Heston.

BoddickerIsClutch: May his bare chest rest in peace.

Meekrob: Amen.

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