Texas Football By The Numbers, Week 5: Rice Wrap & Callin' The Hogs

1 -- Number of press conferences this week in which Mack Brown gives his own run down of By The Numbers

259 -- Yards rushing by Texas against Rice last Saturday.

155 -- Yards rushing by Texas' quarterbacks against Rice (60%).

613 -- Yards rushing by Texas in 2008.

274 -- Yards rushing by Texas' quarterbacks in 2008 (45%).

6.7 -- Yards per carry averaged by Texas' quarterbacks in '08.

4.2 -- Yards per carry averaged by Texas tailbacks.

19 -- Number of completions by Colt McCoy in 23 attempts against Rice.

78 -- Percentage of pass attempts completed by McCoy in 2008, third best nationally.

3 -- Big 12 quarterbacks, including McCoy, in the top 4 nationally in completion percentage (#1 Bradford, OU - 79%, #4 Daniel, MU - 76%).

206.5 -- Passer rating of Colt McCoy, third-best in the nation.

6 -- Big 12 quarterbacks in the Top 10 nationally in passer rating (#2 S. Bradford, #3 C. McCoy, #4 C. Daniel, #8 Z. Robinson, #9 R. Griffin, #10 J. Freeman)

9 -- Number of times under Mack Brown the Longhorns have gained 600 or more yards of total offense.

22 -- Number of Division 1 coaches all-time with more career wins than Mack Brown's 192.

0 -- Touchdowns allowed in the 1st Quarter by Texas in 2008.

4 -- Plays needed by Rice to travel 78 yards from its own 20 yard line to 1st and Goal at the Texas 2 yard line late in the 2nd Quarter.

11 -- Plays the Texas defense held Rice out of the end zone after facing 1st and Goal from the 2, forcing a turnover on downs.

213 -- Points scored by Texas, to Rice's 43, in the teams' past four meetings.

60 -- Wins by Texas, against 0 losses, under Mack Brown when rushing for 200 or more yards.

25 -- Yards covered by John Chiles in his 4th Quarter touchdown run, the longest rush of his career.

412 -- Yards of total offense by Colt McCoy against Rice, the 4th most in a single game in UT history (#1 V. Young, 506 yards, vs Oklahoma State  /  #2 M. Applewhite, 476 yards, vs Washington  /  #3 V. Young, 467 yards, vs USC)

155 -- Yards receiving by Jordan Shipley against Rice, his first 100-yard effort as a Longhorn.

48 -- Consecutive sell-outs at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium.

97,201 -- Fans in attendance on Saturday, the second-most in stadium history.

4 --Successful 4th down conversions out of 4 attempts by Texas in 2008.

2 -- Successful 4th down conversions out of 8 attempts by Texas' opponents.

40 -- Passing attempts per game by Arkansas in 2008, 11th most nationally.

7.1 -- Yards per pass attempt by the Razorbacks, 45th nationally.

5.5 -- Yards per pass attempt allowed by Arkansas in 2008, 24th nationally.

5.2 -- Yards per rush attempt allowed by Arkansas, 107th nationally.

10 -- Trips to the Red Zone by Arkansas in 2008, 90th fewest in the country.

21 -- Victories by Arkansas over Texas all-time.

55 -- Victories by Texas over Arkansas.

0 -- Number of Texas fans who are as obsessed with Arkansas as Arkansas fans are with Texas.

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