Does McGee deserve more carries?

I wrote a post criticizing both the Q package and putting Chiles in at QB, saying that we should pretty much forget about Chiles and rely on Colt.  And now it looks like I'm going to pick on Vondrell McGee.  I like both players, and they play hard.  McGee is a tough runner, and he did provide some decent short-yardage running last year to complement Jamaal Charles.  However, I'm starting to feel like McGee will soon be out of place, at least more so than he already is.

As been noted on this blog before, he seems either ill-suited or uncomfortable in the spread offense that we run.  In his defense, he did suffer a minor injury our first game (his best game this year), and there's no real way to tell how much that is bothering him, if at all.  Nonetheless, the numbers speak for themselves:  He currently has 42 carries for 157 yards and one touchdown.  That's only 3.73 yards per carry, and we haven't exactly played brick-wall defenses thus far.  His longest run is only 13 yards.

The logic of the coaches is that we are fielding a three-headed dragon (or dog, if you like the Cerberus reference), with each "head" offering something different.  Perhaps so, but with the emergence of Cody Johnson, it seems like Cerberus might be getting a small makeover.  When Fozzy Whitaker returns healthy, here's how I see it:

Cody Johnson:  Powerful downhill runner, rumbling at 4.25 yards per carry and has four touchdowns.  Seems to be our best power back.

Fozzy Whitaker:  We only have a small sampling of Fozzy, but from I saw, I think he is our quickest runner who has the most ability to break the big play.  Again, it's hard to say this just from 12 carries against UTEP, but this seems to be the consensus among many fans.

Chris Ogbonnoya:  Our best blocking RB and best receiving RB.  Very valuable on third downs.

Where do we justify putting in McGee?  Johnson is more powerful, Fozzy is quicker, and Ogbonnoya is the better third down back.  There's only so many touches to go around.

Again, I like McGee and I'd love nothing more to see him improve and have a big breakout game.  However, based on what I've seen, I just don't know how much the coaches can justify giving him a significant amount of carries when Whitaker returns.  Feel free to disagree, but right now, I think Horns fans are missing Jamaal Charles a bit more than Limas Sweed.  At least we aren't fumbling (except a certain backup QB).

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