Young Talent

The way I see it, we won largely on the basis of young talent: Earl Thomas, A. Williams, Fozzy Whitaker, and Marquise Goodwin, Ben Alexander are ALL underclassmen...and OU?? where is their young talent?? Mr February is turning his stellar recruiting exploits into becoming Mr. October...out-recruiting OU is paying off

The above named players had great individual plays but our veteran O-line and front 7 on D sure helped. All I'm saying is there seemed to be a nice (and very reassuring) mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen. Very surprising that a team that recruits like OU does that they didn't make sure to reload the o-line.

And although our offense is anemic...bewildered...use whatever adjective you'd like...look at the point totals allowed by the OU defense this year...14, 0, 0, 21, 7, 16...their D is stout and has future draft picks like McCoy, Reynolds, and the CB Jackson, so we should be somewhat proud

Really like our chances with Jordan Hicks after a strong defensive performance and a W combined with an Ohio State loss...just gotta hope Florida doesn't sneak up on us and snatch him...hopefully Jeffcoat is too leaning our way if he wasn't already



-- Great schemes by Muschamp...I'd like to see SK on more of a delayed blitz or stunt him inside but all in all some good wrinkles...and you just cant understate what a difference a year makes...he knows the players, the players know him, and it's all coming together masterfully...and back to my earlier point, there is a lot of youth and even more on the way

-- Favorite play of the game was the rollout by McCoy and Greg Smith releasing and getting lost on the weakside of the field for a great gain, I believe on a 3rd down...lets be clear, i DO NOT LIKE the EBS packages (either him or ulatowski really blew it on the missed assignment that led to Colts fumble), but would that play have worked as well with Buckner in the TE position? would Dan have gone as unnoticed? Speaking of Buckner, I guess he didn't hear my screams of "WHERE THE %@#*(% IS BUCKNER????" receiver? Goodwin with 4 catches for 36

-- 2nd favorite play of the game: calling the QB draw in the redzone...Colt seems really hungry down there on his runs -- just need to wrap that ball up tighter

-- Took some shots down the field, had a Malcolm Williams sighting (seems to be used almost exclusively on special teams though), and glad to see Fozzy getting the bulk of the carries (scared me when McGee was put in there, but I'm guessing Fozzy needed a breather)

OK I'm done rambling...not worried about the polls or the pundits...we win out we WILL be playing for the crystal ball and we will have our shot at the best SEC team...eeeexxxxxcellent

Hook Em

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