Leave No Doubt Tour 2009--"Show Me" State Preview

 After the past 2 weeks, I'm not so sure if we can even call this a "Leave no Doubt" tour, as we've been leaving doubt on the damn field like Bevo leaves presents on the OU endzone.  But I figure I might as well stick with it, as our team usually shows a different side of themselves after the OU game every year, and I figure this to be no different.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you our "Enemy of the Nation -- week 7", The University of Missouri.
Follow me after the jump, as I preview what we have in store for us on Saturday Night, deep in the Heart of the Show Me State. 

After a great start to the season, Mizz-urr-rah has fallen off the deep end of the Big 12 Conference and find themselves unranked after crapping the bed against Nebraska in a monsoon of a game 2 weeks ago.  Since then, their QB play has been shaky at best (sound familiar) and they cannot seem to gain a foothold to get their season back on the line. Its as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel...except....

--Enter: Homecoming--

Homecoming for Missouri is kind of a big deal.  As in, they pretty much invented the damn thing for colleges back in 1911 when Coach Brewer invited students to "come home" to Colombia for the annual game between rival Kansas.  Ever since then, MU boasts the largest student ran homecoming in the nation, and the bring out all the stops with parades, parties, and great football fun. Well, my fellow BONers...I want to RUIN that fun and make it a weekend of pure hell! Some people are worried about the game being on ABC, that they seem to start having flashbacks about last years' Tech game and how they will have the advantage early on.  I couldnt agree more.  Homecoming, night game, ABC primetime national TV slot, etc...all these things make Mizzou a very possible trap game but nothing makes them more dangerous than this:

They have NOTHING to lose!

MU lost both of their first 2 Big 12 games, and they are at the bottom of the North Division with an 0-2 conference record.  They will pull out all stops to shock the world and set their season back on track.  This makes the Tigers a very dangerous team, and that is why we must "Know thy Next Victim Opponent"!


Replacing the Booger-eatin' Hobbit we all know and love, Chase Daniel: Quarterbacks


--Starter: Blaine Gabbert.  So. 6-5. 235 lbs.  Blaine is a prototype NFL kinda guy.  He has an absolute cannon for an arm, and before the Nebraska game, he was absolutely lights out.  He's not a runner by design, but if a play gets broken up, he can make yardage out of nothing.  He's playing with a sprained ankle, and may not be 100% on Saturday. Also since the Nebraska game, Gabbert has thrown 5 INT's to only one TD. (I think) Given that our D can really hurt opposing QB's, it would be foolish of me to not talk about his back-up who we may see play, hopefully not.

--Back-up: Jimmy Costello. So. 6-3 225 lbs.  Jimmy didn't want to follow his father's footsteps in music, so he walked on for the football team at Missouri.  While not Gabbert's size, Costello has been raved about by his arm.  Apparently, all 3 QB's for Missouri had a contest where they lined up at the endzone and tried to throw the ball over the stands, and only Costello was the one to do it.  Not bad.  Costello is also much more mobile than Gabbert pre-injury.


--RB: Derrick Washington. Jr. 5-11. 225 lbs
. Derrick was picked to be one of the best backs in the Big 12 this year, but so far he has failed to deliver much.  Last year in Austin we saw Derrick hit a brick wall against our front 4, with very little success.  As well as our guys have played so far, we should expect the same.  Derrick is a great combination of size and speed and flourishes in those huge lanes the O-Line created for him last year and the early part of 2009.  Doesn't fumble very much, but he rarely runs near an Acho.

--WR: Danario Freakin' Alexander. Sr. 6-5. 225 lbs. Dude is a stud.  He will likely see AJ Williams all over him all night, which may limit his chances to shine, but make no mistake. This kid CAN take it to the house.  He mixes great size, speed, and hands...everything NFL scouts are drooling over.  Watch out for him, as he is certainly their game-changer. 


This Tiger is a Beast!

--WR: Jared Perry. Sr. 6-1. 180 lbs. Decent size and frame, this #2 WR for Missouri is a supreme deep threat.  The boy has wheels and our Safeties will have to play well to keep in check. (Looking at you Gideon)

--WR: Wes Kemp. So. 6-4. 225 lbs.  Great size and hands, he will be the next big receiver out of Missouri. 

--TE: Andrew Jones. So. 6-5. 250 lbs. Gone is all-world TE Chase Coffman, and this is his replacement.  He doesnt nearly have the hands that Chase had, but he isn't too far of a drop off.  He had an explosive game against K-State last year with 20 catches for 146 yards, and he will be covered by Keenan Robinson most likely.  Keenan stepped his game up last week and it will be interesting to see how he handles a better TE. 


LT: Elvis Fischer. So. 6-5. 305 lbs.
LG: Austin Wuebbels. So. 6-4. 305 lbs.
C: Tim Barnes. Jr. 6-4. 310 lbs
RG: Kurtis Gregory. Sr. 6-5. 305 lbs.
RT: Dan Hoch. So. 6-7. 315 lbs.

Hoch is the preseason superstar at RT, and also the largest Lineman standing at 6-7.  He has a great motor and will play on Sundays.  The rest of the line is decent, if not good; however, lately they have been disappointing for many MU fans.  They let N'Donkey Kong Suh camp out in their backfield all night 2 weeks ago, and they seem to struggle against faster opponents.  Sounds quite familiar. 

--I cannot leave you without this:--


Tune in later this week for my Defensive Preview installment of the Leave no Doubt Tour 2009--Missouri

Any questions, comments, constructive criticisms would be greatly appreciated. (
Especially from anyone over at Rock M Nation, as they run an EXCELLENT blog and I would love some constructive feedback from the experts)

Hook em!

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