Earl Thomas and the Thorpe Award

I was looking over the Thorpe Award watch list and noticed a few things. 

1) Earl Thomas is listed as the only Soph. on the list

2) There aren't a lot of big name players on that list (Eric Berry, Taylor Mays, and Perrish Cox). Earl and the other 3 mentioned are probably going to be the finalists.

3) Seems like they left a name off - Rahim Moore UCLA Soph (7 INT's -t1st nationally, 12 Passes Defended -3rd nationally)

I know the Heisman doesn't like to give it's award to Soph. (Tebow and Bradford may have broken that sterotype for good) but how does the Thorpe Award trend with this?  I looked at the past winners of the Thorpe and didn't see classifications tied to the winners.  At any rate, I know I'm biased, but I just don't see how Earl Thomas doesn't win this award this year.  Here's why:

Eric Berry - Very solid defender, hard hitter, but plays for a bad Tennessee team.  The way I see it is Tenn doesn't play well enough for the QB's to test him all that much.  Why test the best player on their team?  For that reason, he doesn't get much of an opportunity to show his abilities.  His stats support that.  7 Passes defended - t75th nationally and 1 interception (he had 7 in 2008 and 5 in 2007).  Although, he does have 57 total tackles.  But isn't that more indicative of his teams poor performance?  I don't know.

Taylor Mays - 55 total tackles.  That's pretty solid, but he hasn't really done anything else. 

Perrish Cox - After watching him, I'm really not that impressed.  He played really well on Special Teams against us and UGA, but strictly from a defensive back perspective, I really came away unimpressed.  Although, he is tied with Earl Thomas for 1st nationally for Passes Defended (with playing 1 less game).  Other than that, 24 tackles (5 assisted) and 1 INT.

Earl Thomas - Tied for 1st nationally with passed defended, 3rd nationally with 6 INT's, and 2 are returned for TD's (only 1 other player in the top 10 has that many - Leon Wright of Duke).  But, ouch, only 27 total tackles. 1 Forced Fumble.

I know I'm biased, but his resume is quite impressive.  Anyone know when they'll announce the finalists? 

Good Luck, Earl.  You definitely deserve it.

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