The Perfect Storm of College Football

*(Before you write off this post (I care little if you do or do not agree with the following), I would just like to say that while most of my comments on this site are off the cuff, bonehead knee-jerk reactions, the following is are somewhat logical observations and thoughts about this season in college football. Between PB's great "Villans" post, and continuing somewhat on my post from a few weeks ago about one of the best weekends of the year for college football, I would like to discuss why I think that this year is one of the best years I have witnessed in NCAAF (yes I do know that my above sentences are wild run-ons). *


While the majority of the media has already written this season off as  "boring" or "mediocre," I would like to think of it as a year in which traditional powers have struggled, programs/teams/coaches have been exposed, and where non-bcs conferences are making pushes for re-alignment and re-tooling of the BCS system. Is it good that the natl championship game participants have been all but set in stone for 4 months ago? I dunno. But it sure funny that the media has so little to talk about this year in college football that they must posit certain questions or scenarios just so they can fill tv time or blank space on website. IE - Will TCU jump Texas? Will USC jump Boise State? Will Charlie Weis be fired? Lane Kiffin is tweeting! Is Matt Barkley the best fish QB evar? blah blah blah


However, for the Longhorn fan, this year has been better than any in recent memory (minus 2005-2006 of course). Ill give you a quick refresher as to why, IMO:

OU is down, Bob Stoops is as exposed as Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the OU fan base as a whole no longer has anything to look forward to.

A&M is fending off Baylor for bottom of the Big 12 south. Oh, and they havent even sold out their game vs us this year. They just released 3,000 or so tickets to the general public this week.

Texas Tech fans are accepting what they really are - a 6 to 9 win team with a Xbox offense and no D.

Texas is on its way to their 5th natl championship, Colt McCoy is a heisman contender, and UT is in the discussion for possible team of the decade if we run the table.


Also worth noting, this season has been kind to several "smaller" Texas programs:

TCU - #4 and going to the BCS

SMU - 1st bowl game since 1984.. or is it 83?

U of H - Ranked and looking good for next year

Baylor - can still make a bowl game this year if they beat Tech and the Aggies.



One of the things that I think makes this season unique and special is the demise of several overrated teams and big time programs. Say what you want, "A good USC is good for college football," or "A two loss Iowa should have a BCS nod over Boise State," etc. But at least to me, it has been great seeing Rich Rod, USC, and others going down in flames:

Virgina Tech - exposed, why do people even rank these guys?

ND - cant even win with a joke of a schedule... Navy.... Navy lol

Michigan - Rich Rod is really doing a bang up job up there

Kansas - Now I know a lot of yall are going to disagree with me on this one, but FINALLY they are getting shown to the nation what their program really is. How Mark Mangino won coach of the year a couple of years ago is baffling. They somehow weaseled their way into a BCS game a while back and beat the biggest overrated Va Tech team of the decade. Whoop-dee-doo. Look at em now. They only reason they even make it to a bowl each year is because they play in the Big 12 north, AKA the WAC. Once Nebraska, CU and Mizzou quit farting around KU will be little more than a 4-5 win team each year, feasting off more cupcakes than Mangino has hidden in fanny pack. They lost 5... uh, better make it 6 straight and their coach will get fired after this week. And they were #17 towards the beginning of the season? lol

FSU - fire Bowden already and get on with it

and on and on.


Is this just a year with no villans? Where powerhouse teams have struggled and others have risen as a result? A bunch of schools reloading? Good coaching jobs by smaller school coaches? Parity? Its up for debate. I just think that this a rare season that happens to be a perfect storm of college football. Something we havent seen in a while. However, with the Horns succeeding and other programs getting what they deserve, I couldnt be happier. As I stated at the beginning of this post, this might not have had as many star players or plays as say, last season. Yet the drama off the field, injuries, and upsets have more than made this season one for the ages. Relish the agony of other fans, celebrate the team and moments these Horns give you, if anything, take a lesson from this season that Karma really does work.

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