BCS System Alternatives

With the exception of an "elite" few and the BCS itself, I think it's fair to say there is a general consensus that the current BCS system is inadequate in determining a true national champion. There is also a sentiment of both lovers and haters of the system that they are tired of talking about. "BCS = BS" has become a broken record. But a change to the system is, to some degree, inevitable. As tiring as the conversation is, it's important that it does get talked about, over and over again like a 4-year-old repeatedly begging for candy until the parent gives in just to shut them up.

Naturally, I am not the first to bring it up or to propose something like the following, but the intention is to generate conversation between knowledgeable football nerds that consider all factors and the future issues that a particular change might encounter. This proposal is far from perfect and I don't pretend to understand all that is involved, so by all means, correct me or, better yet, propose a better system.

1) Keep the polling as is, if you must. The computers drive me the craziest despite the logic in utilizing a formula to evaluate the magnitude of a team's results. There seems to be something inherently wrong with the coaches poll to me, but then again, I understand why it's there.

I hear a lot of arguments about the regular season. If the 12 or 13 games leading up to the postseason have a bearing in making the top ranked teams that get in, then regular season will no doubt play a factor.

2) 8 teams. Go ahead with the response on how this is a slippery slope to 16 or 32, but expanding the playoff does not have to be inevitable. The top 8 ranked teams advance into a playoff while the remaining continue on with the other non-BCS bowl games.

3) The 8 teams are seeded in the four BCS bowls: Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar. Each of these games would represent the first round of playoffs. The interest would be there and thus, the money would follow. Of course, there is now an issue with Conference bids, but if we're talking about a true playoff system, screw Conference bids (easier said than done, $$$). The networks should only eat up the additional games, as would the host cities. Perhaps make the networks pay and let the conferences distribute the money how they see fit. May the best 8 make it.

4) The Semi-Finals could be rotated among the BCS bowls, much like the NC game is now which would also rotate.

Of course, there are a lot of other factors to be considered here, so we can address those too.

Here's a visual look at what I'm thinking:



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