Jamaal Charles - Net Plus or Negative?

I caught the following quote from Jamaal Charles in my local paper (Denver Post) today (12/1/09)about his fumble near the goal line last week that hurt the Chiefs:

"The Chiefs destroyed any remote chance of winning with four turnovers. The most momentum-changing was Jamaal Charles' fumble when the Chiefs were driving early and appeared poised to tie it 14-all.

"I was trying to fight for extra yards for the team," Charles said Monday. "In that situation, I should always have two hands, protect the ball. I hurt myself and I feel the pain. We just hurt ourselves. We gave them the game.""

His quote sounded way too familiar to Longhorn fans:

9/23/07 (Rice game):

On fumbling on the second play: I tried to do too much with the ball. All of a sudden, someone came behind me and knocked the ball out. I just tried to do too much. I was kind of down that I fumbled the ball on the second play of the game

On bouncing back: After the fumble, I started to focus and hold the ball in tight. I got my mind focused and told myself that I have to come back and concentrate..

10/6/07 (Oklahoma game):

On his fumble near the goal line: I just saw the end zone and tried to do too much. I tried to score and I thought I scored and the defender came around with his other arm on my left hand and knocked the ball out. I was holding the ball well, he was just a good tackler. I have to give credit to their defense.

I know there's more just like that from Jamaal, was his excuse every time he put the ball on the ground, just not enough time to scour the internet for the other game quotes.

With Jamaal's nasty habit of being responsible for inopportune turnovers I submit the following question to BON fans:

Is Jamaal's presence on an otherwise great, solid football team a net plus or a net negative?  I couch the question that way because I do believe there is a difference between teams that have to make up for a lack of talent by taking chances to overcome their overall deficiencies and teams that have a solid surrounding cast who can match up with most anyone else.

And I tie that presumption to the Texas Longhorns being a team that consistently has a solid surrounding cast.

Full disclosure: I'm of the mindset that for great solid teams it comes down to not making mistakes moreso than quantity of "explosive" plays to beat other great solid teams.  Being deep and having the talent will keep you in games, even just making first downs and playing field position. Capitalizing on the other guys mistakes is the difference maker, as is giving the other guy opportunities to capitalize on yours.  Outclassed teams roll the dice to get results, sometimes winning big, other times crapping out.

And I, for one, wasn't saddened to see Jamaal go pro early even with the disappearance of a running game without him in the backfield last year (or even if he could have been eligible for this season).  I envision him putting the pigskin on the ground at least once during the course of either season that would have cost a game here or there.  So, I'm a "Net Negative".

What do you think?

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