Texas vs Texas St. GameFlow

Here's txtwstr7's great recap of the game.


Click here for the Texas vs Texas St. GameFlow.




Player (min) +/- +/- per min
A. Bradley (32) +37 +1.16
D. James (23) +33 +1.43
D. Pittman (17) +29 +1.71
J. Mason (22) +22 +1.00
D. Balbay (18) +16 +0.89
J. Brown (16) +14 +0.88
J. Hamilton (26) +12 +0.46
A. Wangmene (13) +9 +0.69
M. Hill (4) +3 +0.75
S. Williams (6) +1 +0.17
C. Chapman (6) -5 -0.83
G. Johnson (17) -6 -0.35


A few thoughts...

  • Pittman has only played 25+ minutes in two games this year (averaging 19.8 min per game), but wow... when he does play, he is pretty damn efficient and productive. While the box score suggests he wasn't that active, accumulating a +29 in just 17 minutes is incredible. It's pretty clear his intimidating presence is the focus of opposing defenses, allowing his teammates to flourish with less attention. I noticed that he still hasn't had a double digit rebound game this season, but it's mainly because of his lack of minutes. Check out his averages per 40 minutes:

    27.6 points, 78.6 FG%, 12.4 rebounds, 4.6 offensive rebounds, 5.3 blocks

    To compare to our other super senior in James, who has averaged 26.6 min per game:

    24.6 points, 55.0 FG%, 12.0 rebounds, 3.4 offensive rebounds, 1.3 blocks

    Pretty nice. Expect big box scores out of both of these players against UNC and Michigan St. assuming neither player gets into foul trouble, and that the game is close. Can't wait!
  • I like Gary Johnson. He's a hard worker, but to somehow play 17 minutes (same as Pittman) and net a -6 in a game that we won by 33 points is hard to pull off. He was also a -9 in the USC game where we won by 19 points. Maybe it's just bad luck, and he was simply a part of some bad rotations. Besides, in blowout games, the intensity just isn't going to be at a very high level as much as that would upset Barnes. Also, he was one of our best productive players as far as +/- per minutes goes in the Pittsburgh game. I'll just consider it a fluke for now, and will re-evaluate after the bigger games.
  • Mason's box score looks awful with 6 turnovers and limited offensive production, yet he must have been on some good rotations to have the 4th highest +/- on the team. Is he still a good "glue guy" player? Will he be seeing less playing time due to Lucas and Hamilton getting more minutes? Or will Barnes stay with the senior and give him 15-20 minutes a game?
  • It looks like the best rotation of the game was Pittman, James, Mason, Bradley, and Balbay.

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