Mocking the Draft Already: Kindle 11, Thomas 14

It's that time already? Todd McShay kicks off the Mock Draft party for ESPN. Grain of salt applies, as this is the same guy who once had Adam Ulatoski ranked #9. Here's what he had to say about Kindle and Thomas:

11. Sergio Kindle. San Francisco could reach for Maryland OT Bruce Campbell, but in our opinion Kindle is too good a value to pass up here. Though he has to improve his ability to anchor against the run, he has the burst and agility base 3-4 defenses covet at outside linebacker.

14. Earl Thomas. Like Berry, there isn't much Thomas can't do on a football field. He can match up with slot receivers, blitz off the edge, has great range in coverage and steps up in run support.

The article is In$ider, so that's all I'll post. It looks like a very real probability that Earl is plying his trade in the League next year. Anyways, let the mocking commence!

In a couple of related articles (also In$ider), Steve Muench does a great job recapping Texas potential draftees in the Big XII Championship game. A few money quotes below.

[Earl] Thomas can blitz, support the run, make plays in coverage and even line up over slot receivers. All that makes him a high-first-round pick.

That's right, folks: high first round pick. Remember: you go to college to make money.

Despite his inconsistent hands [Sergio] Kindle still projects as a mid-first-rounder and should be able to transition to outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

The article does a nice job pointing out a couple instances that we've seen all too well: (1) Kindle sometimes struggles in his pass-rush, and (2) Despite the lack of sacks, Kindle has a huge impact on the game when he does break off his defender.

Roddrick Muckelroy is a bit of an overachiever who gets everything out of his natural ability, and he is a model of consistency who projects as a late-second- or early-third-round pick.

Finally, DT LaMarr Houston continued a strong season that has moved him up draft boards, and two plays late in the fourth quarter show exactly why his stock is rising.

Two good summaries of two of our lesser heralded players. Looks like both of these guys made themselves some money with strong senior seasons. Couldn't have happened to two classier guys.

Finally, Colt:

He likely fits somewhere in the second round at this point based on the overall quarterback class, but in a stronger group, he might not come off the board before the third round.

Great article summing up some of the flaws concern NFL scouts about McCoy, and how those flaws were maximized in the Big XII Championship.

Again, the articles are In$iders only, but it's quality work like this that makes me keep plunking down the $39.99 every year. I strongly recommend it if you've got In$ider access.

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