What the BCS got right...

First things first:  See you in Pasadena.  It is a short drive from Mission Viejo, CA and I am looking forward to attending this spectacle of corporate sport.  Hook'Em!!!

What the BCS got right:  Texas vs. Alabama and Cincy vs. Florida.  Each match-up will be intriguing and pull major ratings for the network and the sponsors.  Well done BCS honks.  BTW, if Cincy knocks off Florida, it will diminish Utah's win over Bama last season and add fuel to the fire that the loser of a CCG which had MNC implications really has nothing to play for once they are out of the national championship picture.

Now, onto what the BCS did not get right:  essentially the rest. 

Fiesta:  Boise vs TCU?  Really?  A glorified Poinsettia Bowl?  I am speechless.  Who in their right minds wants to watch this nonsense?  Perhaps some "Joanie Loves Chachi" reruns will be airing at the very moment this game kicks off.  What a shame.  The look on the TCU kids faces was all you needed to know.  Sure, they were disappointed by not playing Bama, but they were behind Cincy anyhow, and a less intriguing match-up could not have been dreamed up.  TCU vs. Iowa would have been much more entertaining.  This will be the lowest rated bowl in the BCS repertoire and possibly the history of the BCS era. 

Orange: Ga Tech vs. Iowa?  Who actually cares about this beyond the alums of each school?  Nobody, that is who.  I think I will set my DVR for the "BJ and the Bear-a-thon" which will surely be as entertaining and interesting.  Ga Tech vs. Boise would raise the interest level somewhat...but Ga Tech is not a stellar program.  Yep, they had a nice season.  Capping it off with a meaningless game against the very uninteresting Hawkeyes makes me long for Judge Wapner and Doug Llewelyn and Officer Rusty.  Wake me up, better yet, make some queso and put me to sleep.  ZZZZZZZ.

Rose:  Purists rejoice.  Big 10 vs. Pac 10.  Awesome.  Oregon, please wear the black unis with the gun metal helmets.  I hate the yellow helmets with green. tOSU, in the top 5 for sharpest unis in all of college football.

Hey Coach Vest:  turn Pryor loose.  Signed, All Buckeye Alums.  Yes, this game will offer the historical match-up that the Rose Bowl dorks drool over annually.  Sigh. 

Oh, Ducks and Buckeyes, please do not tear up the turf too badly.  Signed, Horns and Tide

Texas 24    Tide 20

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